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Talking Shoe Care with Anna from 'On The Mend'

Talking Shoe Care with Anna from 'On The Mend'

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that was about the time that we changed makers and began to experiment with a host of manufacturing capabilities that were previously not available to us in our small quantity production scales. From specifying and developing our own outsole molds, to sourcing better quality materials in our uppers like this year’s shearling boot program lined in Australian Merino Wool.

It has been an exciting journey and one that has only served to deepen our love of the footwear category and the process of making shoes. We have never felt more proud of the products we are making than we are right now.

As we have built on our technical knowledge, we have found ourselves with a growing obsession for shoe care. Asides from the important sustainability gains that are made when we care for our belongings, we have found something almost spiritual in caring for your shoes as a signifier for the way we carry ourselves with deliberate intention through life. It is a kind of physical manifestation of the ‘Hasten Slowly’ idea to slow down, take notice and take care and one of the reasons we created our own ‘Full Moon Blessing’ shoe care ritual.

As customers have come to us to ask us how to best care for their shoes, we have also found ourselves spending hours watching Youtube videos on shoe care best practice and talking with our own local industry experts on what it takes to extend the life of your shoe’s.

Which is what lead us to the creation of this video with our personal shoe care Guru Anna from On The Mend in Nicolson Street, Carlton. A veteran of 20 years in the footwear industry, we have leaned on Anna for all kinds of technical advice over the 5 years we have been working with her.

In this video we share Anna’s key tips on extending the life of your shoes including

  1. At what stage in the shoe lifecycle to have a ‘Topy’ (a second rubber sole) applied to the soles of your dress shoes – spoiler alert; it’s sooner than you think!
  2. How perspiration can impact the life span of your shoes and what to do about it
  3. Why shoe rotation is important and why you should be wearing at least 3 different pairs of shoes a week

As a reward for watching and learning more about caring for your shoes we have slipped a secret 15% Gift Code into the video for you to use on any full price product.

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"As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer."
Rose Marcario
Former CEO of Patagonia