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What Can I Fit In My Maximilian Dance Tote?

What Can I Fit In My Maximilian Dance Tote?

In our latest video we do a ‘What’s In My Bag’ to see how much can fit in our new large Maximilian Dance Tote (do not try this at home - demonstrated by a professional). We also talk about why and how we designed this new style - and how it can double as a pillow or an umbrella (we like you to get the most out of our products)!

We also need your help (because without your feedback there would be no videos) with a design question about a possible new bag style customers have been asking us for and wether we should make it. But you'll have to watch till the end and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tune in and Stay Radical ✌️

"Always love it when I purchase something and begin using it straight away, and that is exactly what has happened with this bag. Have used it as carry on luggage, for the beach, going to the shops, and when heading into the office. So glad I chose this colour. It goes with absolutely everything. Love, love, love this bag."
Radical Yes Customer