Fitting Hacks

New shoes aren't fitting 100% straight out the box?
Follow our 'Radical Fitting Hacks' below, based on commonly asked questions from our customers in The Fitting Salon!

Shoes feel TOO BIG?

If your shoes feel a tiny bit too big, but the next size down will be too small, try padding the shoe out with a pair of extra innersoles. This will make the shoes approximately a half size smaller (as we don’t make half sizes).

If you have a style with a buckle, consider whether an extra hole or two in the strap would provide the tightness needed. If so, your local cobbler can help you out here. If you're in Melbourne, we recommend Anna at On The Mend in Fitzroy.

Shoes feel TOO SMALL?

If your shoes feel a tiny bit snug, but the next size up will be too large, try taking out the removable innersoles that are already in the shoe. (Please note: Not all styles have removable innersoles, please check product description to confirm).

This will give you approximately an extra half size bigger. You can wear them like this around the house for the first few days to soften them up. Once they soften up you can add back the inner sole for comfort and support.

This works for many of our sneaker and boot styles. Some styles such as loafers, do not have removable innersoles. Slides and sandals do not have removable innersoles.  

Shoes feel TOO TIGHT over a specific area of your foot but OK everywhere else?

Try removing the innersole as point 2 above.

Our leather lined/leather upper shoes can stretch up to 8-10% over any pressure points, and our synthetic/vegan lined shoes can stretch up to 5-7%, so if the tightness is firm but not uncomfortable and you have enough length in the shoe, these areas will most likely open up over time with some wear (again, see point 2).


RUBBING/DIGGING IN on your heel? Feeling like they need 'wearing in'?

Most customers find most of our shoes wearable from the get-go, but some feet need a little more help than others to get your new shoes feeling 100%. Remember, everyone’s feet are different. Even your two feet are different!

Here's a little step by step we find helpful for those with sensitive heels/ankles:

  1. Put thick socks on your feet.
  2. Blast one of the shoes all over with a hair dryer for around a minute, until it’s warm and soft.
  3. Put the shoe on your foot.
  4. Repeat with the other shoe.
  5. Walk around your house at least until the shoes have cooled - the longer you can keep them on the better.

If you have time, ideally do this a couple of times over a day or week.

If you have particularly sensitive heels, we would recommend trying some gel heel grips or blister band-aids from your local chemist. These are designed to help sensitive feet, and they're magic!

In some styles, the curve of the heel cap is not ideal for your specific heel shape. Try pushing down the top of the heel cap to slowly/slightly change the shape of the heel cap.



No worries! Follow the prompts via our Returns & Shipping page to send your shoes back for a style or size exchange, credit note, or refund.

We'd hate to miss out on you having something radical, so if you still have questions, get in touch and we will be able to assist!

We want you wearing the most radical shoes for you.



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