Shoe Sizing Guide


Measure your foot using the guide below.

The imperfect world of shoe sizing.

We know how tricky online shoe shopping is, so don't despair if your new toe tappers are not your Cinderella-fit the first time around. We offer free shipping and free returns! Plus, we've collated all our Fitting Hacks, based on commonly asked questions from our customers in The Fitting Salon, to help you fit your shoes at home!

We will always note any specific size information in each product’s ‘Sizing & Fit’ tab.

Whilst it would be lovely if we could guarantee you will be the same size in all of our styles, due to our small batch production, we will never be able to promise a 'machine made' exact standard fit. 

And to be fair, that is something we think makes our shoes truly radical! This is one of the reasons we offer a reply paid, free returns service on all full priced items purchased from us.

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