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Why do we make shoes in small batches?

Why do we make shoes in small batches?

In conversation with Elfy Scott.

We invited journalist, writer and podcaster Elfy Scott to help us answer some of the questions we get asked most frequently about our brand.

There are so many reasons why we choose to make our flat shoes in small quantities. It’s not just about sustainability, our community is also at the heart of this decision.

But that’s not all. When Elfy Scott (journalist, producer and host of ‘Left Right Out’ and ‘The Green Canary’ podcasts) posed the question to our founder Kerryn Moscicki, there were several factors behind the decision.

In this video, Kerryn talks about the significance of making women’s sandals and sneakers in small batches, why it’s important to Radical Yes and the “secret club” that exists. Are you in it?

Watch the interview...

“I love the idea of little and often both in my life and also in manufacturing.”
Kerryn Moscicki
Founder, Radical Yes
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