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Who are the people behind Radical Yes?

Who are the people behind Radical Yes?

In conversation with Elfy Scott.

We invited journalist, writer and podcaster Elfy Scott to help us answer some of the questions we get asked most frequently about our brand.

At Radical Yes, we’re not shy about our dedication to creating flat shoes for women. We’re a brand that expresses the values of contemporary women so they can navigate ‘in real life’ (I.R.L) situations with both style and functionality.

This female-first focus has a lot to do with our founder Kerryn Moscicki. In fact, more than a lot.

In this interview with journalist, presenter, and producer, Elfy Scott, Kerryn answers one of Elfy’s burning questions: who are the people behind Radical Yes bringing us the best sustainably minded flat shoes? Spoiler alert - you might be pleasantly surprised by her answers!

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“We're 90% women and that definitely drives the brand along.”
Kerryn Moscicki
Founder, Radical Yes
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