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Autumn 23 Look Book

Autumn 23 Look Book

More Modern Than Tommorrow

I have always been fascinated with the concept of ‘modernity’.

The point of modernity is to be forever looking forward. Because what feels modern today, will invariably change tomorrow. So it can be a difficult thing to pin down.

There are also some things that never change. And from a silhouette POV sometimes these are things we refer to as ‘classic’. A ‘classic’ tall boot. A ‘classic’ loafer. A ‘classic’ ballet flat. The interest for us begins when classic becomes modern.

Palette always plays a part in speaking to modernity. Lately we have been looking a lot at interior palettes and conversely looking at a lot of vintage Italian modernism - a shock of red against deep nutmeg browns. Rich tones that are as bold as they are enduring.

These were things on our mind as we approached development of our new winter collection. The idea was to create an approachable everyday winter shoe uniform that still held emotional elements of surprise. The radical twist.

So this is what we think is modern now and also tomorrow. Flat shoes that will take you all the way through your I.R.L. Made in very limited edition quantities. This is Radical Yes. X