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Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe?

Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe?

Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe? By Radical Yes

Most of our Wonder Woman customers are already familiar with our love of tom-boy style dressing, which in Paris they call ‘La Garconne’ and which so strongly influences our design process.

Part of the fun of what we like to call ‘Flat Shoe Liberation’ is taking classic men’s styles and re-interpreting them in a powerful feminine way for the modern woman.
For years we had mused about making a perfect Penny Loafer, but have never been able to source the perfect outsole to finish this classic shoe in the very small quantities that we make.

But since working with our exciting new factory partner we have now been able to source a more substantial rubber resin outsole.

Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe?

Combined with embossed stitch trim at the sole edge to add both weight and an English ‘debonair’ kind of humour to create what is possibly our most beautiful shoe ever.

Seen through the ages on iconic wonder women from sixties chanteuse Françoise Hardy or screen director Sofia Coppola to perennial pixies Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss, the Penny Loafer has become an instant slip on style-shortcut to sharpen any look.

Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe?

We’ve taken a few favourite snaps from our pinboard for some styling inspiration on how we love to wear the Penny Loafer.

Is The Penny Loafer The Perfect Shoe?
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Inspired by style icons over the ages we're finally excited to bring our mood board to life and introduce our first ever Penny Loafer. See where we found the inspiration.