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Are Radical Yes shoes supportive?


All of our shoes have our very own, removable, leather athletic innersoles. They feature heel and arch support, and a padded sole designed for optimum comfort and durability. This is the radical reason that our shoes are so damn comfortable!

Liberation Loafers have their own built in inner soles with support.

Our sandals don't have these athletic inner soles, though they all have support built in, to provide comfort for those long summer days! Most customers who wear orthotics find our sandals supportive enough on their own.


Will Radical Yes shoes work with my orthotics?


Almost all Radical Yes shoes have removable athletic inner soles, which means you can switch in your orthotic for ultimate radical comfort.

Styles without removable inner soles are Liberation Loafers and our sandal range.


Can I wear my Radical Yes shoes everyday?

We get it. You love your radical new shoes and you want to wear them every waking hour of every day!

While we absolutely design our shoes with everyday versatility and regular use in mind, they are not indestructible. Like most things that sustain prolonged use, a shoe’s materials will eventually begin to wear out with use over time.

Giving your shoes a rest between wears is just one step to giving them the longest life possible. Here’s 5 other important reasons why.

See 'Talking Shoe Care with Anna from 'On The Mend' for more info.


How do Radical Yes shoes typically fit?

Pretty true to size! Feet are like snowflakes so fit tends to vary slightly based on the style. However, we do fit test everything and have recommendations for each style that you can find on each product page.

You can also refer to our Sizing page for more information.


I've received my new shoes, and they're not fitting quite right. Help?!

Follow our Radical Fitting Hacks, based on commonly asked questions from our customers in The Fitting Salon!


How long does it take to wear-in my new shoes?

All feet are different, as are all shoes. So there is no standard answer to this. Shoes wear very differently based on your feet and based on the material of the shoe. While there are tricks to soften shoes (they can even be stretched by a cobbler) the best way to wear them-in, is to wear them!

It also depends on the material of the shoe, see below for the ins and outs of all of our materials.

Most customers find our leather shoes wearable from the get-go (even Liberation Loafers!), but some feet need a little more help than others to get your new shoes feeling 100%. Our leather lined/leather upper shoes can stretch up to 8-10% over any pressure points if needed, but won’t give too much if they’re feeling like a perfect fit. Leather is a natural material so will soften the most with age and also let your feet breathe.

PU Upper
Polyurethane (PU) is a man made material designed to simulate leather, so reacts similarly to wear over time, softening to accommodate the shape of your feet. However, it does not have the breathability of leather and may take a little longer to soften. We use a very high-quality PU for our non-leather styles, which a lot of customers find more durable and comfortable long-term than leather.

Canvas shoes may feel stiff for a little longer than expected, but persevere with some thick socks and the hairdryer trick from our Fitting Hacks page and you should be rocking them in no time.

Nylon Upper
Similar to canvas, nylon is a woven material so may take some wearing in to soften. Many of our nylon styles are lined with PU to simulate the softness of leather against your feet.


How do I care for my new Radical Yes toe-tappers?

Radical Yes products are designed with care and made by hand with top quality materials but they are not indestructible. Some materials are also more delicate than others so treating your products with love and care is very important.

See our Features & Care page for more information.


Do you ship internationally?

Stay tuned...


I just placed my order! What happens next?

Everyone at Rad HQ high-fives and nods emphatically in agreement with your excellent selection.

From there it’s high-kicks all the way to our warehouse where your order will be lovingly picked by us, excited to get your order to you.

You will then receive a second email to let you know once your order has been packed and ready to be magically transported to you by unicorns (or an Australia Post truck depending on who is available on the day).


I need to get my shoes before a certain date - is there a way to make sure they’ll get to me in time?

We can't promise a specific delivery date; however the best way to receive your order ASAP is to select Express Shipping at checkout. We process orders in the order we receive them, with a priority on Express Shipping, so if you need your shoes urgently, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to make sure it goes out right away.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your express order, as it is currently not a next day service.


Do you do in-store collect?


You’re more than welcome to pick up your order from our Fitting Salon. Choose ‘In-store Collect’ as your delivery method at checkout, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to collect!

More information about The Fitting Salon.


Do you ever have sales?


To be notified first, it’s best to be on our mailing list.

Our subscribers get first word on new products, early access to sales, and more radical fun things


I wear a half-size, what should I do?

We only do whole sizes, so we typically recommend that half sizes size up and add an extra pair of our athletic inner soles.


If the shoes don’t work out, can I return them?


We understand shopping for shoes online can be tricky. Therefore, we aim to do what we can to ensure you can shop online with confidence that we have a return-friendly policy.

Whilst we are confident you will love your Radical Yes item/s, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly offer you a size/style exchange, credit note or refund.

See our Returns & Shipping page.


What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Late night shopping antics. We totally understand!

We pride ourselves on our speedy fulfilment of your orders, so please reach out ASAP if you need to change or cancel your order at all.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee changes can be made to your order once it has been placed, but we’ll try our best.


Can I return a pair of shoes I purchased on sale?

Items bought on sale, or during promotional periods, are eligible for exchange or credit note only.

See our Returns & Shipping page.


The shoes/size I want are sold out! Will you be getting any more?


Send us an email if you’re chasing an item that is out of stock, and will be in touch if/when they become available again.


What’s a pre-order?

Sometimes we get so excited about a style that we want to share them with you before the factory is finished making them. All specific pre-order information will be on the product page, and we will keep you updated along the way!


How do I track my order?

You should be receiving a shipping confirmation email shortly after your order confirmation email with a link to your tracking number. Please allow approximately 24 hours after receiving for updates to show up.


Where can I buy your shoes?

We don’t have stockists. We want to work directly with every customer and as much as possible know every single person who wears our shoes!

You can find us online 24/7, or come visit us in The Fitting Salon!


Ok that’s great but I still have questions??!!

We’re always here to answer your enquiries, fitting advice or shoe love questions, so click here to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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