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Walk and Talk 1: The Barbar Boot

Walk and Talk 1: The Barbar Boot

We made this for you! 

Since launching our 'Virtual Try On' stories on Instagram, we have been getting lots of great feedback and requests to extend these stories into showing the shoes up close on the foot - "the full 360 degree" as one of our wonderful in-store customer's put it.

So we thought about this and came up with a new format we've dubbed 'The Walk & Talk' - to give you some more details about the shoes and the design process behind them, and most importantly includes a snappy little walking short so you can see how they look 'walking in action'. We are not saying it's about to win us any oscars, but we are loving the process of bringing our shoes to life in video format to help give you guys the full visual on each style.

For the first review we are talking through The Barbar Boot - how to work with the fit of the stiffer, heavier handle leather (tip - if they are feeling firm, remove the innersole and create an extra 1/2 size in the width), and which colour has so far been the best seller (this one... and the one we made the least of naturally...!). 

Watch the video above, or click straight through to our Youtube channel and subscribe to keep up to date with our videos as we make them. As always - we love your feedback. Please feel free to email us if there is something specific we can show you up close and we will do our best to bring it to you!