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Intentional Clashing: The Summer Edition Look Book

Intentional Clashing: The Summer Edition Look Book

Intentional Clashing. The High Summer Edition.

(Not really a story but a selection of ideas and thoughts we were writing about in the making of these new shoes).

Sometimes we think of our collections like Jazz. Cool modern UK inspired Jazz. Unpredictable and in all directions but always cool. Go-to shoes you want to wear every-other-day cool.

Sometimes we think of our accessories as communication tools. They are always saying something about where we want to be in the world. About how we identify with life. Our garments are a shortcut to what we really want to say. To individualise. To be creative and expressive. But always, to be practical and useful.

Photos by Ben Sullivan, Styling Imogen Wilson, Make Up Corinna Wilmhurst, Talent Astrid at Priscilla's.

Lets talk about THE FLEX >>

We are deeply into the idea of the hybrid-shoe. Something to wear everywhere but still feel sharp. The Flex was conceived like this. Errand shoes. Visiting friends’ shoes. Park walk shoes. Chasing after children shoes. Dog walking, market hopping, post office visiting, que standing.

A shoe designed for easy slip-on sunny days. For optimism and energy. Conceived as an alternative to trainers. For those times you need closed toe summer situations. We made them in the colour of the earth and the colour of the sky in celebration of the summer - our favourite time of year.

Our new Flex neoprene slip on in Bronze.
Our Flex Neoprene Slip On Bronze, best friends with our Rainbow Tote.
Why did we make these shoes? Shoes for IRL situation. 3km a day on your feet shoes.

The midsole has been stitched using what is known as a ‘strobel’ technique which means a stitch is applied around the entire sole edge. This not only adds extra flex and comfort to the shoe, but also gives them a longer lifespan.

Commute shoes with a point of view, a more examined life shoes. Shoes born of functionality versus 'a look'.

Let’s talk about NEPTUNE NEW COLOURS >>

Bronze was an exploration in new outsole colours. A 2-stacked biscuit-latte situation that speaks to more neutral dressing situations. Accented out with highlight dye-to-match lime green buckles for an extra hit of radical sunshine pop. Like icy-poles on a sunny day we choose these buckles to make you smile.

Apple-Green inspiration was our summer alternative to black. Candy coloured inspiration in the form of salads, apples and freshness. All the green geatness. Green smoothies. Green energy. Green grass of summer. Accented by chalk buckles for grounding and purifying. Shoes colours like cleanser.

Neptune Athletic Sandal in Bronze with biscuit/latte stacked sole (Yum!)
NEPTUNE: Walking sandals. Hiking sandals. Wandering around sandals. Dreaming sandals. Summer holiday sandals. Adjustable sandals. Highly wearable sandals.
Neptune Athletic Sandal in the new Apple Green
We are disciplined in our process to make sure what we put forward is the best edit of flat shoe liberation perfection that will bring you nothing but good time shoe joy.
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