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Step Aside For The Peace Combat Boots

Step Aside For The Peace Combat Boots

The Who

The Peace Boots

The What

Part hiker, part combat boots set on our O-Unit (Olympia) LUG sole

The Why

To bring comfort to long-haul days, cross-city commutes and winter weekend day trip

These solid lace-ups are seriously durable boots. Made with care, they’re built on our bespoke designed and custom moulded LUG outsole that we call the ‘O-unit’. In the industry 'lug' refers not only to the profile shape (the cleated detail that you can see from the side), but also the intention behind the design, used to provide good footing and designed for all day commute kind-of activities. With an almost entirely rubber composition, the spring under foot is like that of a trainer, complemented by cushioned memory foam throughout the entire footbed - just a few reasons why these arch support boots are a sensible choice when the temperature drops.

Such practical style elements give these long lasting leather boots the edge. Think black and white hiking laces (option to alternate them with the plain black laces) and a pop of lime green from our embossed logo. Details that deserve to be shown off with a cropped wide pant or midi skirt. Don’t wait around, we only create small quantities and there’s just 120 pairs of these beauties.

"For us the feeling is part hiking, part punk - part Patti Smith, part Tank Girl."