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Zip Up: It's Boot Season

Zip Up: It's Boot Season

Written By Som Puri for Radical Yes

There's a certain magic to a great pair of durable leather boots. They're like a stylish sidekick, ready to take on whatever craziness your day dishes out. And when it comes to nailing that perfect balance of flat shoe comfort and style, they're the real MVPs.

Plus, they’re hands down our favourite thing about cooler weather. Whether you're chasing after the kids or changing gears from work to happy hour, trusty leather boots have got your back – and your feet!

But here's the thing: a boot is only as good as how well it fits different kinds of feet. And we're all about making sure our boots fit like a glove, no matter your foot or leg type.

That's why we decided to switch things up and move the zip to the back of a few of our boots. By moving the zip to the back, we're aiming for maximum comfort and versatility. We want as many of you as possible to wear and love our boots – foot shape and size notwithstanding.

Staying on the boot hype train let's dive into some of the freshest boots for women this season.

Saint Joan Tall Boot

Introducing the Saint Joan, a bold reimagination of our crowd-favorite tall boot, Patience. Towering above the rest, Patience was born for those chilly winter days when you're out there, owning the world, and feeling unstoppable. Now, meet Saint Joan – she's here to deliver that same vibe, only with an added edge.

Saint Joan also comes with a brand new feature – custom-molded rubber bumpers along the sole edge. Perfect for those of us who tend to knock our shoes together because of our gait (iykyk). But our standout detail? That back zip. It's a game-changer, fitting powerful calves of more shapes and sizes, while the elasticated gusset ensures a snug fit for everyone. The outsole of Saint Joan is built on the Olympia Loafer, delivering all the bounce and comfort of a sneaker, but with a sleek edge.

Pair it with some fitted jeans for an instant style boost, or get creative with your look – the Saint Joan is up for any challenge. This season, we're all about layering her up: think long shorts, mini skirts, and cozy sweaters for a fresh take on winter vibes. These boots are the ultimate go-to, no-fail style staple you'll be rocking on repeat as the temperature drops.

What makes the Saint Joan extra special

• Good to accomodate for a wide range of foot types

• Custom designed with strong calves in mind

• A hybrid boot that can look sharp but feel active, perfect for dressing both moods.

See the Saint Joan Boot in Sage Crush or in Cocoa.

Rocket Boot


Who doesn't love Chelsea boots? Introducing the Rocket Boot, a sibling to our much-loved Tomorrow Chelsea Boot. With its Rock n Roll open shaft, this ankle boot has a wider opening, perfect for effortlessly tucking in your jeans. Very rock and roll, very chic.

It's the details we really love with this one: the blanket stitching, a subtle nod to classic moccasin styling. Wee think this top stitch adds just the right touch of understated embellishment.

Rocking a bold monochromatic vibe, these pull on leather boots can either add the perfect accent to your outfit or steal the show as the main event. Dealer’s choice.


The Rocket boot in burnt sage is all set for winter, and its leather hide handles every IRL moment with style and practicality (if regularly mositurised and waterproofed - of course)! To top it off: the leather is Leather Working Group ertified, which means you can breathe easy knowing the leather used is responsibly sourced and best-practise forward.

Filled with signature Radical Yes details you’ll love, and a very close sister to the Tomorrow Boot, you can expect all the perks: As functional as it is stylish, square-toe silhouette to flatter all styles and a sculptural look and feel. With a distressed look, these boots have your back when it comes to handling spills and dirt in your busy day.

The Rocket boot in Sage is a limited quantity wonder. Only 60 pairs made in the square toe boots universe, so first in, best dressed!

What makes the Rocket Boot extra special

• Great boots with arch support

• Wide rock & roll shaft makes it all-types-of ankle friendly.

Explore Rocket Boot in Black or Limited Edition Burnt Sage.

Shadow Boot Gold:

Have you met the new gold Shadow Boot? The reincarnation of our beloved stretch Lunar boot. Crafted from smooth, stretchy leather, this sleek ankle boot has a slimline silhouette, hugging around the calf and accentuating the shape of your ankle – a great choice for both events and work. The gold leather stands out in any crowd, and as we always say – Shine is the ultimate shortcut to sharpness!

By also opting for zips at the back instead of the side (like Lunar Boot), we ensure that more foot types can glide in and out with ease, especially high arches (we’re listening). As a specialty ankle boot, Shadow mixes styles, and features a thick rubber outsole paired with a refined dress boot upper.

A hot ticket hybrid, this boot lets you transition between sharp and active events at the click of your heels.

What makes the Shadow Boot extra special

• Good for all feet, especially high arch

• Keeps your feet further away from the cold winter concrete.

See Shadow Boot in Gold Crush