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Our Toe Tapper Trade - Responsible, Recycle, Reward.

Our Toe Tapper Trade - Responsible, Recycle, Reward.

Toe Tapper Trade

Take $25 OFF your next purchase and give your pre-loved Radical Yes shoes a second life.

At Radical Yes we are passionate about designing product fit for purpose. In our design process we consider our customer's end use before anything else. But we also try to consider after life stewardship for our products - what happens to them after they stop being used? Our main focus is to keep them out of landfill wherever possible.

Our Toe Tapper Trade initiative gives you the opportunity to recycle a pair of pre-loved Radical Yes shoes. If the shoes are still in wearable condition we can donate them to our not-for-profit partner, ReadySet. They train and dress long term unemployed women looking to re-enter the workforce, helping them build their self esteem through training, styling and presentation advice.

If the shoes are truly at the end of their lifespan, we will find other ways to keep them out of landfill by sending them to our recycling partners  to have them broken down and made into new products.

In turn, we’ll reward you with a $25 Voucher to go towards your next full price purchase (one voucher per purchase).
Here's How It Works.

1. If you have a pair of Radical Yes shoes you purchased from us and you are ready to give a second life, bring them into our Fitting Salon.

2. We then issue you with a $25 Credit (in the form of a code or e-Gift Card) that you can spend on that new pair of shoes you had your eyes on!

3. You practice the simple wardrobe rule of ‘one item in, one item out’ and your pre-loved Radical Yes shoes embark on a second life, keeping them out of landfill.

Recycle your fashion to reduce waste, make space in your wardrobe for new season looks and give a helping hand. We think that’s pretty radical, yes! Pass it on.

Important Terms & Conditions: One voucher per shoe - to be applied to one new purchase only. Vouchers cannot be combined towards one purchase. Credit cannot be combined with any other offer. At the moment we can only accept toe-tapper trade in person, in store at The Fitting Salon. We can only accept Radical Yes shoes. Drop of your pre-loved Radical Yes shoes and we will provide you a $25 credit that can be used towards your next Radical Yes purchase in store or online. Pre-loved shoes not redeemable for cash.

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Toe Tapper Trade