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Radical Yes Answers Your Questions! All About…Our Wool Lined Shoes.

Radical Yes Answers Your Questions! All About…Our Wool Lined Shoes.

Seen our Wool lined styles online but have questions?

Things like – are my feet going to roast in them? 
I have children / am spillage prone / ride a bike - how exactly am I meant to keep them clean...?
Do I need to size up to accommodate the thicker lining…?

Whatever your concern, let us assure you, you are not alone in being curious about what to expect in terms of wearability from this amazing natural material.

So, in this short, but well-informed blog post, we have composed a set of the top 3 most commonly asked questions about wool lined shoes we have received from YOU - our customers over the years we have been making them. Covering everything from how they feel on your feet, to how best to care for them it’s your quick go-to guide for the full story behind our wool lined styles.

Still got questions?

We really love hearing from you so please email us – if there’s an itch you can’t scratch from the list below…

Radical Yes Wool Lined Love Sandals

Top wool lined Q1: Will they make my feet too hot?

A: No. The reason for this is that wool is a natural fibre and is often noted for its thermo-regulating properties. Because the wool fibre is both breathable and also moisture wicking (meaning moisture is extracted through the fibre and out into the air). In footwear especially it can actually keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

We have had a handful of customers over the years not convinced on this fact (“my feet get beyond sweaty” explained one instore customer), who have since given the wool linings a go and love them exactly because of that moisture wicking property. Wool linings also maintain natural odour resistance so if you have concerns about hot stinky feet you can let that one go RN!

Radical Yes Saturn Returns Wool Lined Trainers

Top wool lined Q2: I’m prone to being messy! How do I clean the shearling on the LOVE sandals?

A: The LOVE sandals are the first time we have used an exposed wool trim on the upper so it’s completely valid to be concerned about them becoming dirty on the upper.

Our hot tip? Well actually… we have 3!

First of all. Prevention is better than cure. Regularly waterproofing the uppers, including the wool trim will help them from becoming dirty in the first place, and will also make it easier to lift any stains when they do.

Our 2nd big tip if something terrible does happen and for instance you spill coffee on them when your Keep cup leaks while you are walking to work and doing all the things we do everyday…is – shampoo!

Yes, gently dabbing the upper with a clean damp cloth (do not soak the wool as this can damage the leather backing), and rubbing a small amount of shampoo onto said cloth (our shoes prefer Bumble & Bumble – joke) to spot clean can be a miracle wand. If you take the hand wash approach just be sure to leave them to dry naturally (no hairdryers or straightening irons!) away from direct sunlight.

And what about that 3rd tip – well? The good news is, because of the natural oils present in wool fibres, the moccasin wool lining on LOVE sandals will naturally repel most dust and lint (and even has anti-static properties which we LOVE. You are probably starting to see where their name came from right…).

Radical Yes Wool Lined Movement Shoe

Top wool lined Q3. Do I need to size up to allow for the thicker lining?

A: No. There’s a few reasons for this.

The first is that the wool fibre will relax with wear, meaning it’s not a bad thing if the uppers feel a little firm on the first few wears. If you have ever had Wool Slippers you might have noticed how the lining softens down and moulds to your foot with wear. The feeling will be the same in our trainers. Only you will be able to wear them outside and still maintain your fashion dignity. Radical? YES!

The other reason not to size up is that the patterns for all these styles have been cut to accommodate the additional thickness in the lining, meaning the girth measurements remain ‘true to size’. If you still have sizing questions we LOVE resolving those for you so email at and we will help you work out the magic slipper-hidden-inside-a-trainer fit.

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