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Behind The Scenes: A Key Ingredient To Our Design Process

Behind The Scenes: A Key Ingredient To Our Design Process

A Radical Yes Promise: We Never Stop Wanting To Be Better.

Whether it’s with the way we make our shoes, the contribution we can make by operating with sustainability as the framework, or consistently improving the way we serve our customers – we are an innovation led business.

It was with this thinking in mind that we began investing in our own custom designed outsole molds back in 2019. Since that time we have designed and invested in three styles of proprietary outsole molds. While we always start with the consideration of style and aesthetic first, our designs evolve around the idea of building shoes that fit well and last longer.

"We care as much about our product quality as we do about style. Pursuing best practice manufacturing techniques, constantly evolving our design knowledge and using the feedback loop from our customers IRL wear experiences - the philosophy of Flat Shoe Liberation is about so much more than just aesthetics.”
Kerryn Moscicki
Founder & CEO

What makes our outsoles so radical?

Getting the mix right.

With a design process led by curiosity, we learnt that reducing sole abrasion to expand a shoes longevity, starts with improving the quality of the pouring materials being used on the outsoles. This includes things like using better quality rubbers and getting the right mix of plastic to rubber ratio. Too much rubber means outsoles can be too soft – too much plastic means they are heavier, brittle and lack shock absorption.

A Visit to the outsole factory

Go behind the scenes at our outsole factory to see some of the process of making our outsoles. Watch the video below.

What’s on the inside that counts.

The process of opening our own outsoles has also meant we could specify the things you don’t see – specifically the design of the internal coring that supports not just your foot, but also how the midsole section of the shoes performs. This helps reduce quality issues that arise from excess compression

Opening our own molds has also meant we have been able to increase the height of the interior wall of the outsoles. This has the benefit of increasing the surface area for gluing the uppers to the outsoles reducing the likelihood of the soles coming apart from the upper.

Our Design is Led By Customer Experience.