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New Season Look Book: Slip Ons & Trainers.

New Season Look Book: Slip Ons & Trainers.

Constellations Our new collection is here.

We called the collection ‘Constellations’ in response to the way it was made. Built from the collective of our star team that cross state lines and time zones – through countless conversations and focused perseverance going back and over the designs and their reasons for existing – have resulted in what we believe is our best collection to date.

Meet the new trainers, slip-ons (and one lace up) from this new collection.

We can't wait to hear what your favourites are.

Adventure Awaits

Maybe we could have called this shoe Hasten Slowly. If you have been following us for long enough you will know in about 2016 we did just that with another clog-slip-on-house-shoe inspired situation. These are shoes for ‘active-lounging’. You know those days when you are WFH and the only commute you are doing is strolling to Breadclub (insert your own hipster bakery here) to queue up for Hot Cross Buns.

They have a shuffle quality that was intentional and best worn with socks. We like shoes like this for winter because let’s face it we’re not always going that far and some days you just need shoes that hug you back.

Photos by Ben Sullivan, Styling Imogen Wilson, Make Up Corinna Wilmhurst, Talent Katya at Priscilla's.

Olympia & Ophelia

"Like Liberation only chunky soled. We know some of you will hate that. We know some of you would prefer us to keep making the Liberation on a resin sole. But here’s why we didn’t."

The new O-Unit rubber sole this upper is set on passes the highest standard Intertek abrasion tests. Unless you happen to be walking on Mars or somewhere else where the temperatures pass 10000 degrees, the thickness of this LUG sole will never wear down. Being made from a considered balance of plant rubber and plastisole they also bounce like trainers do.

Meaning more spring in your step. More height to your day. But still with the same flat shoe liberation determined attitude you’ve come to expect from us. Radical and Yes.

Photos by Ben Sullivan, Styling Imogen Wilson, Make Up Corinna Wilmhurst, Talent Katya at Priscilla's.

New Trainers

Something Active. Something Sharp. For us, Flat Shoe Liberation always begins with trainers. For AW22 in response to your calls for a new lace up, we set ourselves a design challenge to create the perfect hybrid leather shoe-trainer. Maybe making it a strainer? Re-inventing our Lunar

boot wedge unit we designed Light Years with added reflective strips to the back heel and tongue not just for the 90s rave reference, but also for the intentional bike riding and cross town commute situations which we know to be a key consideration for our highly active customers day.

"Something Active. Something Sharp."