Founded in 2013 by Brand Director Kerryn Moscicki, Radical Yes represents the coming together of many of Kerryn’s interests including product design, writing, yoga and a genuine belief that creativity will set you free.

Founders Kerryn & Leo speaking to Broadsheet.

Having worked in fashion for over 15 years for large wholesale manufacturers, it was while Kerryn was taking a break from the intensity of her work in the fast fashion world, to complete a year-long program of Yoga Teacher Training that the idea for Radical Yes was born. 

Seeking to slow down to make products from a place of usefulness, meaning and transparency, Kerryn created a small range of flat-soled shoes that could be worn just as easily to the yoga studio as they could to a meeting for work or a visit to the gallery.

The flat-shoe only philosophy was an idea that resonated with friends both near and far. It was from these simple beginnings that the brand has grown a cult following of radical devotees that share the ‘Hasten Slowly’ vision and aesthetic.
In the years since Radical Yes began the brand has offered a small scale footwear alternative for customers who like us, value a conscious stance in the way we produce our products and the independent way we choose to live our lives. 
Today Radical Yes remains an independently owned family run business, complete with a retail space, ‘The Fitting Salon’ in our local North Melbourne neighbourhood. 

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