FULL MOON BLESSING // Marta Sasinowska, Founder of Practice Studies

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FULL MOON BLESSING // Marta Sasinowska, Founder of Practice Studies

Marta Sasinowska is a Wonder Woman. 

Fascinated with the unique processes honed by the creative figures she admired, Marta Sasinowska founded Practice Studies, a photographic journal and dialogue with creatives around the world. 

When Marta emailed us early this year with an idea for an artist collaboration, we were immediately on board. In our previous story we introduced you to Wonder Woman Laura Berger, the subject of Marta's radical photo series (featuring Radical Yes Saturn Returns and Abundance). Today we speak to the woman behind the lens, as we discuss her own design practice and creative journey. This is a story that we thing is radical, yes!

Interview by Alex Birch, Images by Marta Sasinowska

Laura wears our shearing Saturn Returns in Turmeric

What is it about other people’s routines and personal journeys that so fascinates you? What prompted you to focus on telling these stories?

It all started with my own personal journey. I’ve always been a creative dabbler and my curiosity always drove me to explore different ways to express myself creatively. So initially I started documenting processes to learn new things from those who do them best and to meet inspiring people. Then I became fascinated with talents and originality of each person I photographed and I was convinced there's a lot of value in sharing what I’ve learnt with the rest of the world. Very often people see the final product and they don't realize how much work goes into creating it. I wanted to show how involved each process is, in hope that people could appreciate it more and will be more inclined to support the creator.

As an artist and creator yourself, tell us about your daily routine. Do you have any habits or rituals you tend to follow?

A couple of years ago I quit my full time job as a graphic designer and started freelancing to escape routine. I’ve realized that repetitive daily patterns are not beneficial for my practice. I cherish my freedom and what inspires and motivates me most is my flexibility. I like that my laptop is my office and I can really work from anywhere. All I need is good headphones with music or an interesting podcast on, hot beverage and I’m good to go. It’s that simple. 

You’ve been interviewing creatives for over a year now. What sort of story most intrigues you? Which experience to-date has been the most revealing?

Every single experience, just like every person I interview, is different and I appreciate all of them equally for different reasons. I like the idea of meeting a complete stranger, finding a common ground with them during our session and leaving the shoot feeling like we really connected. And for that reason I like the sessions when I’m not rushed and I have enough time to really get to know the person I’m documenting and learn every aspect of what they do and how they work. It results in a much richer story. And what’s more important, it goes beyond that and very often leads to a friendship. 

What’s next for Practice Studies?

I’ve been working on incorporating my design studio into Practice Studies, offering various design services to creatives, helping them with their brand and online presence. I’m also considering adding an online shop with custom pieces made by selected creatives featured on my site. I also want to host more community building workshops and events which I’ve already launched in collaboration with a couple of talented artists.

What are three things you always say ‘yes’ to?

Coffee, yoga and travel. Not necessarily in that order ;)

Laura wears Abundance 

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