LOVE FROM MELBOURNE // Kalindy Williams, Fashion Photographer and Illustrator

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LOVE FROM MELBOURNE // Kalindy Williams, Fashion Photographer and Illustrator

Kalindy Williams is a Wonder Woman.

Drawing influence from key Australian iconography and the suburban dream, Melbourne-based creative, Kalindy Williams' dreamy eye has us captivated. With work appearing in internationally renowned publications such as Vogue Italia and myriad independent magazines at home, Kalindy has found her stride and is not missing a step. In this photo series, the fashion photographer features our Chalk Saturn Returns in an Australiana-inspired shoot that reminds us of 70s filmscapes and summer adventures.

Words by Alex Birch, Images by Kalindy Williams

Lewis wears Saturn Returns in Chalk

Still young, your work as an illustrator and photographer has been immensely
successful; published in the likes of Vogue Italia, Spook Mag, Yen Mag and Toksick. Can you tell us a bit about what drew you to these mediums in the first place; how have you found the journey to now?

Photography has always been a part of my life in some way or another, it was only when I was living in Brisbane about 4 years ago that I decided to dedicate more time what I was passionate about – fashion photography. Shortly after I started shooting film and fell in love with it! Since then I’ve slowly transitioned to shooting 35mm film for all my editorials. The colours and the way film captures shadows and light is so beautiful, shooting film is exciting and nerve wracking all at once.


Your editorial shots come across as almost reverential in the intimacy they capture. What kind of relationship do you have with your models? Who are your muses?

Sometimes I know my models very well, sometimes It will be the first time we have met, but I'm dorky and silly and I think if everyone is comfortable and happy and having fun we can make a connection which creates a beautiful atmosphere and photographs. For this shoot I decided to use one of my favourite models; Lewis. We have shot together so many times! She has such a fun energy and every time we create together something magical comes out of it.

Looking through your portfolio, it’s nostalgia that is most powerfully prominent. Is this intentional or merely an incidental aesthetic to shooting on 35mm film? What is it about bygone era’s that draws you back?

It's mostly intentional, but I guess that just comes along with shooting film. That said I love love love vintage clothing, locations and movies, I draw inspiration from these
things and shooting film automatically brings up feelings of nostalgia.


Whether shooting down on St Kilda Esplanadeoutside Milk Bars on scorching summer afternoons or in Melbourne’s weatherboard suburbia, Australian iconography crops up in most of your work. What is it that you love about this imagery?

Australia just has so much to offer, we have a beautiful flora that blooms all through the year, amazing un-renovated suburban houses, rows of colourful retro shops, pretty beaches and sandy red deserts all within a couple of hours of each other – we are really lucky! I like to shoot in the places I find most interesting - the suburban and the everyday.


You recently shot with our Saturn Returns in Chalk. Can you talk us through
the shoot and some of your favourite photos?

As soon as I saw the Saturn Returns I could see them with almost any outfit: crisp, stylish and relaxed. Wattles are blooming everywhere in Melbourne at the moment and I could just picture the amazing Lewis in the Saturn Returns, surrounded by yellow wattle trees. I asked the fabulous stylist Sabina Mammarella on board with her knowledge of colour and style, she was able to create some beautiful looks for Lewis. We all headed to a wattle filled park and spent an early morning shooting and giggling (in the very very cold Melbourne winter weather!). 


What does being radical mean to you?

I think being radical can mean a lot of things but being radically you is the best,
whether that is radically strong, radically soft, radically open, radically brave, radically creative radically vocal or radically quiet, as long as you are radically you!


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