LOVE FROM SYDNEY // Jane Frosh, Stylist and Creative Director

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LOVE FROM SYDNEY // Jane Frosh, Stylist and Creative Director

Jane Frosh is a Wonder Woman. 

Former front runner in the world of theatre and event production, Jane Frosh now represents one half of creative collaboration Cool Edies, your 'one stop styling shop'. Dynamic and artistically unorthodox, Jane and partner Lucy Tweed work with businesses to elevate their brand identity into realms that are truly out of this world. 

It was exactly this magnetic energy that we were so excited to capture among the walls of Sydney's heritage-listed Art Deco, Primus Hotel. In collaboration with Holly Graham of Siy Studio, Jane wears The Awakening Cheetah, Dharma Burgundy, Togetherness Dalmatian and Dharma Turmeric Metallic - radical and YES! 

Interview by Alex Birch, Photographs by Holly Graham and Styling by Jane Frosh

Jane wears The Awakening Cheetah

Design and fashion have obviously played a vital role in your life and career. Do you remember the garments that first captivated and activated your relationship with styling?

You know, it’s all really the same thing! Design, fashion, interiors, food. I’m obsessed with colour, texture, pattern and form. These elements cross over all genres and remain honest and true no matter the object. I love textures and fabrics that feel nice against your skin. Leather. I wear leather every single day. Faded denim. Imperfectly perfect fabrics that retain some sort of history and story about them the more they are worn. I try and bring that same sort of honesty to my work. I like objects to both shout and whisper their story through their integrity.

Jane wears Dharma Burgundy Velvet 

As a stylist, there can sometimes be an element of compromise as you try to balance your clients ideas with your own aesthetic. How do you manage that tension? How much of yourself do you see in your professional work? When home, where are you most excited to explore your personal taste?

Here is the thing. Being a stylist doesn’t actually have anything to do with your personal style at all! It’s about being adaptable enough to get your client’s message across in a way that is synonymous with their brand! Sure I can open their eyes to new ideas or push creative boundaries a little, but really its more about me understanding what their end result needs to be and working out how to get there. I rarely see myself in my clients work. Which is good, as I have to leave it behind post campaign and move onto the next one! I often say my job is like a series of summer romances. Mad passionate love and then onto the next! Ha!

Jane wears Togetherness Dalmatian

With three boys and a thriving business, finding any sense of order or balance takes considerable tenacity. How has motherhood affected your work? Some women experience an identity shift as they adjust to the role of motherhood; is this something you can relate to? Did you find you approached your wardrobe and style from a different perspective?

Two boys, one girl... there really is no such thing as balance. Truly. Anyone who says that they have balance, doesn’t have enough balls in the air! I think that the beauty of my job is that every day is different and I am fortunate enough to be able to not work if I don’t have to. I can structure my work life (to a point) around my family and their needs. Saying that though, I do spend a fair bit of time travelling. I think I am a better mother having an active creative life. I am more engaged, and more available than if I had nothing creative going on.

The Blue Mountains are home for you. What is it about the area that attracted you? How do you think this has influenced your personal style?

The reality of three small kids in a terrace house in inner-Sydney was less than ideal. Saying that though... it took me six months to unpack when we moved here. I had a bag in the boot of the car just incase I wanted to bail back to the city! It was super confronting uprooting my kids, leaving my social circle and moving to a country environment where I knew no one!

It’s lovely now that the kids are older. They can walk to mates houses, ride their bikes, climb the fruit trees, have festivals in the garden etc. As I am so grounded in the city with my work, I don’t think my personal style has changed that much. I'm certainly not making jam and wearing whatever it is that country women wear! The kids often laugh at me when I turn up to Rugby training in -3 degree temps wearing skinny black leather pants, a t-shirt and killer heels. I don’t do dressing down very well!!!

You recently ventured to India for a styling trip; a location that offers an insanely vivid, sensory backdrop. Your images on Instagram paint a gloriously intrepid experience. How did you find adapting to the local dress (and challenges posed by the temperature)? Since returning home, have you been guided by the textiles and silhouettes encountered abroad?

Yeah, it was an insane trip! Sorry for swearing, but I call India my ‘fuck off’ place. One minute it is so intensely beautiful that it takes your breath away and then the next instant it is just revolting and devastating. It’s intense. I think one important aspect of travel is respecting local culture. In India it’s extremely disrespectful to show your shoulders and ankles. So I had a range of long sleeved cotton dresses that I wore every day. The attention from the men over there is also overwhelming, so I took to wearing turbans to cover my blonde hair. It just made life easier both for me and for them. It seems like so long ago already though! I couldn’t wait to throw on my leather pants when I got home!

What are three things you always say ‘yes’ to?


When someone comes to you and says ‘I had this awesome idea and it made me think of you...are you interested?’

Watching my middle son play rugby. It energises me for the week!

Jane wears Dharma Turmeric Metallic

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