WONDER WOMAN // Bianca Mavrick, Jeweller and Designer

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WONDER WOMAN // Bianca Mavrick, Jeweller and Designer

Bianca Mavrick is a Wonder Woman. 

Dynamic jeweller, Bianca Mavrick employs industrial processes to create sculptural art we love to wear. Vivid colours and playful textures are interwoven into each individually cast and polished piece. A trained jeweller with a bachelor in Fine Art, Bianca's combined use of artisanal practices and bold contemporary techniques result in wearable art that each sport her distinct maker's mark.

It was this remarkable approach that drew us into Bianca's realm. Seeking a radical adornment to compliment our new Boundless silhouette, we were delighted when Bianca indicated she'd been having similar thoughts. This serendipitous 'lace candy' dream is now realised in the magical half-moon resin jewels that embellish the toes of Boundless. This is a collaboration we're extremely proud of; it's also something that would never have eventuated if not for Bianca's raw skill and magnetic, just-say-YES! approach to her practice. 

As the Half Moon 'Lace Candy' collection came together, we took a quick break to chat to Bianca about her story, her inspiration and her bright bright future. 

Interview by Alex Birch, Images by Savannah van der Niet

Bianca wears 'Radical Yes X Bianca Mavrick Boundless' in Chalk

As a trained jeweller with a background in Industrial Design, your work is unlike anything that we’ve seen to-date. It’s clear that each piece has been hand crafted with love and consideration. Can you tell us a little about your story? What attracted you to the art?

Oh thank-you! I try to make work that has a very distinct visual language and doesn't feel like it fits typical jewellery archetypes!

I think having a background in Industrial design helps me to approach designing jewellery differently. I love looking at materials and industrial finishes common to things like furniture design and applying them to my pieces.

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Jewellery and Small Objects and had a contemporary jewellery practice - making pieces for exhibiting when my production range started to take off and turned into more of a jewellery label. Still straddling the line between arts practice and fashion business.

Vibrant and distinctly bold, you work extensively with earthy tones and a palette that you’ve describe as ‘capturing the irreverent essence of scorching summers’. What is it about the Australian landscape that influences your designs? Do you find that home in Queensland has had a tangible impact on your work?

Something I really love about Queensland is so many tropical plants and backyard fruit trees thrive and make for really lush suburbia - I find the aesthetic really interesting and it is fun to walk the streets exploring. I love peering into peoples gardens and growing up everyone in my family had some interesting and exotic fruits growing in the garden.

We are so lucky to have such great light, bright sunny days and blue skies. This environment makes for super energised colour palettes! I also get inspired by colour and materials palettes I find in by looking closely at sculptures, furniture designs and paintings by artists and designers I love!

Bianca wears 'Radical Yes X Bianca Mavrick Boundless' in Chalk

Can you tell us about the various precious metals, stones and plastics that feature so predominantly in your collection? What attracts you to these materials?

I’ve always loved to bring colour to my work in any way I can, so early on I experimented in industrial colour-coatings on metal and using resin. I always love to push the boundaries, use unconventional materials and create my own production techniques to make my work a little different to the rest. But yes I think colour, gradients and texture is always what I am chasing when I introduce new materials into the mix.

Bianca wears 'Radical Yes X Bianca Mavrick Boundless' in Charcoal. Saturn Returns in Chalk are featured (right).

With reference to your current ‘Tropical Wave’ collection, we are so excited to reveal your custom ‘lace candy’ designed for the Boundless trainer. Can you talk us through the process behind the RADICAL YES X BIANCA MAVRICK collaboration?

I think I cheekily suggested to Kerryn that I’ve always wanted to somehow adorn shoes with jewellery components. I love a good sneaker and it turns out that Kerryn had a design she thought would really suit a resin attachment!

Stocking with the likes of the NGV, Anthropologie, GoMA and the IMA in Brisbane, your practice has taken off at lightning pace. Was this always on the cards? What’s next for Bianca Mavrick?

Oh thanks so much! I’m really super excited to launch a new collection which features a palette of new materials. I am so excited to get it out into the world. We are in production at the moment. There is always so many things to look forward to - working with new stockists, having fun in the studio with a great team (plus my Nonna who comes to help and hang out) continuing to take my jewellery to new markets internationally and collaborating with talented people I admire!

What are three things you always say ‘yes’ to?


Studio visits with friends

Going to the beach



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