Why We’re Obsessed with Teal and Why You Should Be Too!

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Why We’re Obsessed with Teal and Why You Should Be Too!

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

By Radical Yes Founder & Brand Director Kerryn Moscicki

Fearless creativity. It’s a concept we ponder daily at Radical Yes.

The trick is being able to create products that do the dual job of being at once creative and individual as they are wearable and useful. It is not an easy task but if we were to pick the one trick in the book you can always play in pursuing that all allusive duality of interesting and wearable, it has to be palettes of blue - especially in shoes.

Since we began the brand, we have always included Navy palettes in our collections (no matter Summer or Winter) for a few reasons. First of all blue families are eternally sophisticated and speak to every woman regardless of age, shape or dress sense. Weirdly it’s a palette that is also way under-represented in the more mainstream offers and as a result it has become something of a signature for us and defiantly something that our regular customers come back for each season.

For Winter 18, we took our love of blue a step further - mixing it with our green inclinations to arrive in the steely toned greatness of Teal. At first it seems like a difficult colour - which is exactly why we like it. It is challenging and not obviously ‘pretty’ but stick with us here because it is actually one of the most wearable shades of blue there is.

Here’s why:

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

It does the job of black, without being black.

Our Matt Teal leather as seen on our classic day styles Serendipity and Dharma have been executed in a new quality of cow leather that we have been experimenting with which has a much thicker handle and more rigid finish than other leathers we have used in the past. As a result, the ‘matt-ness’ and depth of the colour makes it as easy to match as black and offers the ability to work back with darker tones - like charcoal, jersey grey and black - as it does with the softer end of the spectrum in winter creams, cornflower blues and even burnt toffee pitches.

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

It matches every shade of denim.

From the deepest Japanese Indigo tones through to the softest washed denims, because of it’s chameleon like qualities, teal is able to work the spectrum of every denim item you own.

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

It’s a colour that speaks to trend without being … ‘trendy…’

Gahh - is there even a more daggy word in the English language than ‘trendy’? The point is this though, executed in the right shade this palette says that you put some thought into your look in a really effortless way.

For me personally, teal is busy-morning-dressing 101. As we have said before, the quickest short cut to making an otherwise simple outfit feel pulled together is by adding a statement shoe and the shoe we return to again and again in this department is our Dharma - Lucky 7 tassel. With our new favourite accents of peacock and green this shoe is high on the Radical Yes rotation list for both it’s wearability and statement making qualities. Not to mention the fact it is actually magic with it’s lucky 7-tassel talisman.

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

It looks brilliant with black tights - or even statement colour tights like baby blue

We live in Melbourne. Tights are not a trend but a necessity, so we were pretty happy to see coloured tights so well represented in this years shows.  Tights under jeans in July is not only a great way to stay warm, but also a great way to colour-pop effortlessly. This winter we will be wearing baby blue tights under cropped indigo denim accented with our teal shoes and its a colour combination we can’t wait to gaze down on.

Radical Yes Obsessed with Teal

It is guaranteed to add outfit joy to even the darkest winter days.

Whilst we are massive advocates for colour in Winter - even we have to admit that some days all you feel like doing is blending with the season. Teal has a transformative, (dare we say it healing) power that allows you to embrace the darker tones of the season in a way that is a gentle surrender to the darker months. So as Winter solstice arrives we will embrace the mood with Blue Moon inspiration. And that is something we think is quite radical, yes.

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