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We are all about supporting creative, active, vibrant and powerful women. Our brand was founded on the principle of creating comfortable shoes for this very purpose. With each design, we strive to combine function, quality and longevity without compromising on style.

But for us, the complete life cycle of any product is equally as important as the intention behind it. Once our toe tappers leave our store and start their real life out in the world with you, we want to ensure they are there for you for a good time, and a long time!

We like to think of our relationship with our shoes as reciprocal. With a bit of love, you can extend the life of your toe tappers and get the most joy out of them.

Here are some of our tips on how to take care of your self, by taking care of your toe tappers!


Insoles are one of the simplest ways to look after your feet, providing support to your arch and cushioning the impact of hitting the pavement all day.

Our shoes feature our very own signature leather insole foot bed with athletic shoe standard padded sole (similar to the ones found in runners and sneakers). This makes them durable but also super comfortable. We’ve also made them removeable, so if you wear orthotics you can replace the foot bed with your own!


The outer sole of your shoes plays a huge factor in how good they feel to wear and how good they are for your feet. Inevitably, the soles and heels will begin to wear down. We take a repair and re-use approach, and have built a strong relationship with our local cobbler who helps us keep our toe tappers dancing for longer!


The most visible part of your shoes is the upper, and it’s typically the part we like to keep in prime condition so we can put our best foot forward! The way to care for your shoes depends on the style and what it’s made from but generally we recommend spraying your shoes with a water and stain protector to help them resist unexpected weather and marks. We use Waproo products (available in our Melbourne store) and have found these to be super effective.


A bit of polish goes a long way. Once a month or so we love to clean and condition our leather shoes. If they have had a rough month, we give them a bit of extra T.L.C with a polish which can help renew them and minimise scratches and other signs of regular wear. Wax and cream polishes can breath new life into a weary pair of toe tappers and once dry you can re-apply a waterproof spray to keep them in tip top shape.


We love using textiles for our shoes. From our signature polka dot printed canvas to our maximalist bohemian tapestry, fabric lets us go wild so we can keep bringing you unique, limited edition designs. In return though, these shoes do need a bit of care. We don’t recommend wearing our textile toe tappers in the rain or wet weather as it can cause the colours to run or fabric to change shape. If you do get caught out, use a soft towel and a specialty fabric cleaning product all over.


Soft, comfortable and available in rich and vibrant tones, suede is one of our most popular materials. Like all our shoes, we suggest using a protective spray when they are first new to repel water, dirt and stains. A suede cleaning block or treatment product from your local shoe repairer can help with any marks you make, and a suede brush can help restore the texture.


Our lush pony-hair styles made from calf skin, a beautifully textured fabric but one that is delicate. Prolong with a protective spray, avoid super bad weather and clean if needed with a damp (not soaking) cloth following the direction of the hair. A hard plastic brush can be used to remove dirt. Also be mindful that wearing these toe tappers while driving can cause the hair at the back of the heel to rub down, so be careful!

For more on our make and care guidelines, visit our Features page.


Images taken on location in Hong Kong, shot by Holly Graham


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