Notes on Sustainability // Three ways to create space on Earth

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Notes on Sustainability // Three ways to create space on Earth

Words by E.D. Willmett for YES Journal.

The new year is like open slather for achievements and goals to be diarised and meditated on. Some retrieve previous yearnings from the back drawers of their mind. Whilst others see it as simply the turn of another year. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the year of Chinese abundance or only just catching up on ‘2018 reflections’, one thing is for sure: A fresh year always brings a desire for simplicity and ease. 

Since moving into a one bedroom apartment the art of sorting and maintaining a low inventory of belongings has gone from pleasant to imperative. A deep sense of determination has been bestowed upon me and it’s taken flight. Included in this short list of actions to get clear this year is one of Radical Yes’s mantras explained: 30 wears or more. 

1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

I figured that the reviews, both in person and online, would hold their weight, and they did. The KonMari method focuses on joy, and if the items in your home meet this simple yet effective criteria, they can stay. If places like Muji and the beauty in Japanese culture and mindfulness inspire you then I certainly recommend the Netflix series “Tidying Up”. About her book, The life changing magic of tidying up, Marie says “if you have picked up this book because you want to put your space in order, then my advice to you is this: do it once and get it over with.” Snap.

2. '30 wears or more' a design philosophy

It’s a concept created by Wonder Woman, Livia Firth, who has been paving the way for sustainability in fashion for many years now. Her question, which casts through her mind at each buying opportunity is, “Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?”. It’s not about ‘will this piece last 30 wears’ although the answer to that question should also be a radical “yes!”. She simply applies glimmers of mindfulness to her audience as she works fast to make fashion slow. Livia is also married to Colin, yes the one we are always so fond of in classic British rom-coms! You can see why we’re liberated by this concept, and hold it as a mantra. To read more about our part in sustainability, flick back to ’30 Wears or More | Sustainable by Numbers

    3. Choosing consciously 

    There are certain items we just need, from products to food and many in between. Where and to whom we choose to give our value to, grows. An ongoing resolution, of mine, is to keep evolving awareness of impact and others. A simple way to practice this is to replace low ethical brands, toxic items or unsustainable methods with alternatives. Every choice we make has a ripple effect, somewhere and somehow. Let’s make them soft. 

      There is some food for thought, for whatever your method and wherever you rank simplicity and ease. As for me, I’m creating space in both the home inside my mind, and the one I live in. In the words of my dear friend Moshe, “it’s time for a New Year’s Evolution”.

      E. D. Willmett 


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