RADICAL VISION EYEWEAR // Good Things Come In Pairs.

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RADICAL VISION EYEWEAR // Good Things Come In Pairs.

Good things happen in pairs. Pairs of sunglasses. Pairs of shoes. Creative pairs. Partnerships. This idea of two was circling in our mind as we began early concept work on our eyewear campaign.

Collaboration is also a massive part of what we do at Radical Yes. We love the energy that 'real people' with amazing stories can bring to a campaign. We like seeing how people interpret our products and make them their own. So to showcase our latest sunglasses collection, and in the spirit of great things happening in twos, we brought together some of our favourite creative teams who are made up of partners, sisters and friends and Agnieszka Chabros shot them for us!

This includes Andy Paltos & Sarah Gilsenan, to the rest of the world, the uber cool creative brains behind Rollas Jeans, but to us our dear longtime friends. Our most favourite and radically stylish French teacher, Julia Pound and her close friend and children's book author, Samone Bos. And our newest friends and radical collaborators (more about that soon) Laurinda & Fatuma Ndenzako, the sisters behind Collective Closets.

As a creative duo, perhaps that easy finishing of each other sentences comes natural, so we asked them to finish a few sentences, for each other, together or alone…


Radical Yes Radical Vision Eyewear

Andy Paltos, Denim Designer, Rollas Jeans

The most radical thing about Sarah is… 

Sarah is a true creative, a little neurotic..a little crazy but that is what drew me to her in the first place. She is the love of my life ☺ and to be able to work together every day is quite radical in itself.

When we work together we …

Bounce ideas, bicker (quite a lot haha) but we always seem to come up with ideas that we are both happy with.

Happy looks like …

A ’78 Gold Firebird with Sarah and our kids all sitting in the back.

Radical Yes Radical Vision Eyewear

Sarah Gilsenan, Denim Designer, Rollas Jeans

The most radical thing about Andy is… 

Andy is the yin to my yang (or vice versa), he always helps me to see another side of things and together we make a balanced unit (I think!) He also has a sick sense of humour and is a wonderful dad.

When we work together we …

Bounce ideas, bicker, then come up with things that inspire us. 

Happy looks like …

A weekend at home in the backyard.


Radical Yes Radical Vision Eyewear

Laurinda & Fatuma Ndenzako, fashion designers, Collective Closets

The most radical thing about each other is...

Fatuma: Her energy

Laurinda: Her unapologetic sassiness 

When we work together we…

Laugh/and challenge each other and inspire each other daily.

Happy looks like…

Nights off with a glass of prosecco and gossip sessions.

Radical Yes Radical Vision Eyewear


Radical Yes Radical Vision Eyewear

Julia Pound French Teacher, ChouChou French School

The most radical thing about Samone is...

Her ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the room, no matter how boring the story you’re telling, or how self-pitying you’re feeling, or how little sense you’re making. I always come away from our dates feeling like a better, more interesting person than I actually am.

When we work together...

We get nothing done because we’re so busy drinking coffee, laughing thunderously and swapping war stories.

Happy looks like…

The taxi ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to the centre of Paris at 7am.

Radical Yes Radical Vision

Samone Bos Childrens Book Author & Editor

The most radical thing about Julia is ...

She is cooler than Fonzie and yet warmer than the metal clasp on a seatbelt in January. Best of all, Jules is totally unaware of her own excellence. Oblivious! Julia is sophisticated yet always open - she wisely considers all sorts of crazy concepts and generates so many of her own. She is a true creative and a Melbourne treasure, bona fide. 

When we work together we ...

Laugh, talk in circles and tangents, and share awkward stories. Possibly, underneath it all, we compete to prove who is most awkward. Even that in itself is awkward. 

Happy looks like ...

A fairy floss sunset.


Campaign Credits:
Photography by Agnieszka Chabros. Creative Direction, Sofia Lundqvist. Make Up, Annie Rose Foretti.

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