The Runaways - Radical Essentials for a Summer Road Trip

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The Runaways - Radical Essentials for a Summer Road Trip

“You said you 'n' me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cause my hair is comin' down!”

We’re with you, Thelma, it’s time to drive into the sunset with a heart full of adventure and very few plans. Although, we’ll leave the iconic last scene to yourself and Louise. 

Supplement the above with visions of a turquoise 1966 Thunderbird, Susan Sarandon’s style and chance meetings. If the notion of an impromptu weekend stirs up your soul like it does mine, keep reading for the essentials check list. Oh and we’re packing lightly so leave the lantern and clunky fishing equipment aside. 

When it comes to adventures we need one bag that can hold it all. Enter the ‘Harvest’ Oversized Tote and open sesame. 

  1. Sunscreen
    The Aēsop Sage & Zinc SPF is light but skin quenching. It makes my cheeks feel supple and hydrated without being greasy, so it’s coming along for the ride.
  2. Magazine / Book
    For quiet beach time or poolside conversation I’m packing “She Shoots Film”. It’s an independent Melbourne publication full of remarkable photos and insightful words to match. 
  3. Slides
    If you don’t yet know the pool friendly, vegan, cloud-like slides that are ‘The Magic’ then get acquainted because they’re the perfect summer pal. 
  4. Dress
    Thank you Obus for creating ‘Halcyon Shift’ dress. A linen and cotton blend with timber buttons for long adventurous days. 
  5. Swimwear
    I’m absolutely in love with the Camp Cove daisy full piece. Local, vegan and fun. Pop that in the bag!
  6. Sunglasses
    Lastly, some shade. I can’t look past the Milky Pink handmade ‘Joy’ sunnies. They’re durable, almost weightless and most flattering with my light multi toned hair. 

Most importantly, I hope you find some special time with the Thelma to your Louise and memories are made, criminal or otherwise. 

E.D. Willmet.

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