LOVE FROM SWEDEN // Tekla Evelina Severin, Photographer and Designer

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LOVE FROM SWEDEN // Tekla Evelina Severin, Photographer and Designer

Tekla Severin is a Wonder Woman. 

When we were introduced to Tekla's work a few months ago, it was her unique eye for geometric shapes and angular design that first struck us. Based in Stockholm and trained in Interior Architecture, it’s no surprise that her work so skilfully transforms ordinarily lacklustre structures into spaces of charm and allure.

In this series of photographs, Tekla wears Serendipity Turmeric. Playing with the rich palette of AW17 Bibliothèque, Tekla has constructed beautiful still life images that convey the classic and contemporary style that epitomises the Radical Yes! wonder woman. We are so excited to share with you Tekla's response to our Serendipity slip-on, a collaboration that we think is truly radical, yes!  

Interview by Alex Birch 

Tekla wears Serendipity Turmeric

Recurrently you transform otherwise commonplace architectural spaces into enticing, geometric wonders. How do you think your background in interior architecture and furniture design has informed the way you look at a building?

Well thank you. Oh I would say it´s all because of my background [in] everything but especially [as] an interior designer; the way I see lines, angles and details is definitely architecturally related (but I´m happy to pick favourite details these days as a photographer instead of think[ing] out a wholeness full of compromises – as the destiny always is as an interior architect..).

Fruit and technicolour foods feature frequently through your work. What is it about their nature that attracts you?

The combination of being very contemporary – often dignified as art as [a] beautiful surface in combination with its absolutely essence of our survival. I found that super interesting actually, it often crossed my mind when I worked with food in restaurants like 13 years you can work with a plate like an art piece to be consumed a few minutes later and you start all over again as a chef.

Also the temptation of the food itself and the perfection (what we call perfection) in shapes of fruit and much of it that attracts me as a motif.

When we asked you to pick out a shoe from AW17 Bibliothèque to shoot, you were immediately drawn to the Serendipity in Turmeric. What was it about this palette that you were so excited to work with?

They just touched my aesthetic heart right away; felt classy, vibrant, new and still classic. It definitely felt it was something I would love to work with (as well as wear). Maybe also a bit new as in a new direction I want to move (less poppy, more classy).

Talk us through the stories behind your favourite images from this collaboration. Can you explain your creative process, from the initial inspiration to the final image?

I work very intuitive and palette wise; turmeric and apricot just made very sense. And oranges and my pink living room. Worked through [those] ideas, also with some more heavy velvet draped tables etc...

For my other location I just wanted to work with the super blossom happening outdoors in Stockholm right now and yellow felt quite right to match with as well.

What are three things you always say ‘yes’ to?

Oh, I mainly appreciate the small things... like coffee in the sun, walking anywhere (that’s my main way of transporting myself in a city) and also travelling (I didn't have the opportunity to travel [when I was] young; [the] first time I was on an airplane I was 23(!) and now I just can't [get] enough... always best inspiration/discovery/learning.

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