Practical Magic. Why we believe in Trainers with Tulle (or any other dress you have in your wardrobe).

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Practical Magic. Why we believe in Trainers with Tulle (or any other dress you have in your wardrobe).

Radical Yes Trainers with Tulle

By Kerryn Moscicki, Radical Yes Founder & Brand Director

The sensible trainer has had a meteoric rise in womens wardrobe over the past few years. Case in point? Women's sneaker sales grew 37% in the U.S in 2017, while sales of heels declined 11 per cent for the same period. Crossing over from weekend gym wear, the activewear shoe now signifies something more broadly telling about where we have arrived as a culture and as creative women. We are active. On the go. Busy. Demanding a practical stance.

Radical Yes Trainers with Tulle

Trainers are feel good fashion at it’s finest. However even we have to admit, the line between feeling sharply put together and ‘I woke up like this’ undone can get blurry pretty quickly. So for us, the quickest short cut to trainers done well is to match the silhouette with a dress.

With these ideas in mind, below we share our favourite 4 tips from the Radical Yes guide to wearing trainers with a dress…

    Magic always happens in contrast. Let the juxtaposition of your easy going high top trainer be the surprise accent to your favourite evening dress. Add jeans to the mix and a winter knit for layering and notice how the trainers take out the sweetness and add a kind of anchored stability for daytime dressing. 

    We have been obsessing over solid colour palettes for sometime now, finding this way of dressing an easy morning go-to for feeling put together without thinking too hard about it. Statement colour trainers - such as our new favourite Saturn Returns Juniper Green beauties are custom made for an all over approach. Think outsized army anoraks and olive knits layered over long line safari drill skirts like this one from Bassike. Nineties minimalism forever.

    In our opinion, flat shoes will generally work better with dresses that at least reach or cover the knee and give the illusion that your silhouette is longer. At Radical Yes we love to layer with lengths as well to help bring attention to your statement shoe. Try a longer line coat with textural interest (like velvet or mohair), layered over an A-Line skirt and notice how this focuses the eye on the feet letting your statement trainer be the punch line to the whole look.

    Trainers with dresses is a pure play, dressing-for-yourself kind of 
    endeavour. Asides from the fact you will be comfortably agile in your athletic best, there is a brilliant worldly confidence that can only be mined when you stop taking yourself too seriously and start dressing from the inside out. For me personally, I find it's a creative way of dressing that celebrates opposites - the dualities a brilliant metaphor for the best way to approach life itself.
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