Our Designer's Top 5 Picks of the New Season

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Our Designer's Top 5 Picks of the New Season

Radical Yes Our Designer's Top 5

Intro by Kerryn Moscicki, Radical Yes Founder & Brand Director, talking with Sofia Lundqivst, Radical Yes Product Developer and Stylist.

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Dressing ideas do not always come easy. And whilst in some ways these decisions can seem frivolous and ridiculous in the context of current world events or even in the context of your wider life responsibilities, something we have been musing about a lot lately is the power of our garments to transform how we feel in the world and about the world. There is something very empowering about finding just the right outfit for your daily journeys. In this regard, we also love the idea of ‘essentialism’. That is breaking down both the morning decision-making process and one’s own wardrobe to create a capsule of go-to’s that you know instantly how to dress each day and feel good in. 

To help with all this pondering, today on the blog we asked our dear Product Developer, wonder woman and style-guide-to-everything Sofia Lundqvist to share her top 5 picks from the new collection and how she will be wearing them this winter.

Having worked with Radical Yes since the 2nd collection back in 2014, Sofia’s handwriting can be seen not just in the products we produce but also the many great campaigns she has helped art direct over the years. A stylist, and avid collector of garments Sofia has an incredible background in the industry and an impeccable eye so we asked her to pick her top 5 shoes from the season and share how she will be wearing them…

“As I am someone who likes to dress big:) oversized will be the key to most of my outfit selections. Another important factor when I dress is that I don't want to feel too polished. I like when things clash or don’t really belong together. I am a firm believer that you need some kind of a ‘clashing' or ‘wrong’ element in your outfit to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing. With that in mind, here is how I will be styling my top 5…"

1. True Self - Black Croc Leather

Radical Yes Our Designer's Top 5

I will be wearing them this winter with an ankle length oversized dress, and to break up the feminine side of a dress and the vintage ‘granny boot’ appeal of these brilliant boots, I will be throwing on an oversized man style blazer and adding a sporty cap for twist. I love this reference from @nikipauls

2. Little and Often - Black Croc

Radical YesOur Designer's Top 5

I love to wear these with denim. I like the pretty court shoe story being told in contrast with traditional work wear, raw or vintage washed denims. For myself I will wear baggy jeans, but can definitely see them being worn with a more straight cut fitted jean as well. 

I love the look of this baggy denim and white tee found on Pintrest for inspiration.

3. Dharma Lucky 7 – Black Leather

Radical YesOur Designer's Top 5

If I was lucky enough to find the perfect beige baggy suit I would wear them with that. I would love to see the bold tassels sticking out from under huge pants ;)

Julie Pelipas from the style du monde blog shows a really great version of this styling idea. 

4. Saturn Returns - Tomato Red

Radical YesOur Designer's Top 5

Perfect complement to wear with an all-black outfit. I wear these with a black suit, or a black full length skirt. Sometimes I add a white shirt or tee to the top or even a Grey melange athletic inspired sweat if a want to be a bit more casual. These dinner pants from Bassike are a great match to the look.


5. Little & Often - Tangerine.

Radical YesOur Designer's Top 5

Denim again and why not double denim! Dark raw denim or rinse is my preferance, clashing with the beautiful Tangerine colour. I love this reference found on college vintage as inspiration.

Shop Sofia's Top 5 Picks here.

Radical YesOur Designer's Top 5

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