LET'S TALK ABOUT DAY HEELS (wait - I thought you said this was a flat shoe brand?)

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LET'S TALK ABOUT DAY HEELS (wait - I thought you said this was a flat shoe brand?)

Radical Yes Day HeelsAt Radical Yes we believe in Flat Shoe Liberation. 

We believe in flat shoes for weddings. 
We believe in flat shoes for work. 
We believe in flat shoes as a power statement. 

So let’s talk about the philosophy of our Day Heels in the context of all this talk about flat shoes.

The Day Heel concept first began life as our ‘Little & Often’ shoe which was introduced to our collection in Winter 2018. At the time we were exploring sharper silhouettes in the collection that our wonder women customers could wear to work and had been exploring this idea of ‘how can we make a heel feel more like a flat?’ 

Radical Yes Day Heels

A radical design dilemma.

We approached this design dilemma by considering not only heel heights, but also importantly the pitch - which is the angle the shoe slopes down in. If it is set in the right proportion (i.e not too steep) all day wearing is not only plausible but welcome for some women who find a completely flat shoe can be hard on tight hamstrings (especially for customers whose job see’s them on their feet for long stretches). For the foot bed itself, we also explored using our removable athletic insert which had a heel arch and 4mm thickness underfoot. 

With the move of all of our production to our new maker Mipiaci, we took the opportunity to regroup on the silhouette and get feedback from you guys. So we sent a survey out to everyone who had ever bought both Little & Often and Sunday Sling backs. Out of everyone who wrote back, there was a 65% YES response to ‘increase the heel height.’

Here’s some of the things you guys shared - 

Radical Yes Day HeelsRadical Yes Day HeelsRadical Yes Day Heels

Square toes are radical!

So it wasn’t only the heel height, but we also got an insight into what you wanted to see in the toe shape – what you felt was working and what you would love to see as an update which is what inspired our new square toe silhouette. 

Built partly in response to the success we have had with our recently introduced ‘Utopia’ shoe, this toe shape has been chiselled to maintain a sharp (almost 60’s mod) feeling, but set with a deeper vamp to cover the toes and give the shoe a more modern sensibility. Like Little & Often, we wanted to make sure the upper shape remained an enduring silhouette - classic enough to be wearable for many seasons, but still with a strong point of view.

Finally, we updated the heel shape which is now a lovely sculptural tear drop shape that has been heavily set for block-solid grounding in the wear. No need to fear sinking in the grass at your next wedding in these beauties.

Radical Yes Day Heels

Radical Research & Development. I.R.L. shoe testing.

The road testing remain the same on this silhouette against our previous I.R.L day heel testing methods including – 

  1. Running for the tram
  2. Walking for 5 hours on a day trip through the city and back to our studio 
  3. Being both weekend and week day outfit friendly – careful attention has been paid to the proportions to ensure versatility is at the heart of this design

The 4mm memory foam padding through the insole is padded enough to keep the ball of foot comfortable and therefore walkable in long distances. We’ve also found by changing to a padded innersole, (rather than a removable one like Little & Often had) the width is now more forgiving and requires zero wear in time in terms of how the top of the shoe feels (the ‘topline’) over the arch of the foot. Speaking of top lines, we have also worked closely with our maker on the counter curvature and density (which is the heel cup of the shoe) to ensure absolutely zero rubbing from the get go.

Colour me up.

Interpreted in the 3 new palettes, including Royale Blue (which we believe is not only the colour of the season, but maybe the decade!) Graphite as a clever and radical alternative to Black and Caramel that begs for the frame of black tights for a total hit of yes.

We really welcome your feedback on the new design and especially would love to see any photo’s of you in-situ enjoying their radical practicality so please share away!

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