How to wear flats and get the same sharp feeling you get from heels.

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How to wear flats and get the same sharp feeling you get from heels.

Make Flats Feel Like Heels

By Radical Yes Founder & Brand Director Kerryn Moscicki

You might not mind so much about the whole flats v’s heels thing. So many of our customers come into the store and when we advise them that we only make flat shoes, 9 times out of 10 they will say ‘thats great because I only wear flats!”. 

Still, whilst they will ruin your lower back, we can not deny there is an allusive and powerful quality to heeled shoes, but one that we also genuinely believe can be mined from flats if shopped correctly. 

Our new go-to in this department has to be our vegan 'Dharma' slippers in Sunflower satin. Partially inspired by a Nick-Cave-the-artist-dancing-pony installation combined with the eclecticism of chinoise inspired dressing, these shoes are so statement a heel would only detract from their 100% danceable quality.

Make Flats Feel Like Heels

Image of Nick Cave's artwork from GOMA

We see a couple of ways to contrast dress these toe tappers. Start first with a vintage YSL - inspired blazer (or just a black jacket), a satin lapel will take you all the way. From here there are choices - go a skinny cigarette leg pant cropped at the ankle for a day time take, or try a wider leg Pyjama inspired black pant for evening proportions. 

You can also find our Dharma Lucky Seven slip on in beautiful soft leather as pictured at top, here.

Make Shoes Feel Like Heels

Statement shoes will always allude to a feeling of being dressed up even when the rest of your outfit isn’t. Another great example from this genre is our brilliant new Resolution slides in Emerald Satin (GAH!) complete with tri-set Pom Pom detail over the vamp. 

Radical Yes

Perhaps insanely enough, these slides are actually made from leather which has the satin backed onto it. Our maker Paul was up in arms about this material selection - “but Kerryn you could just pick a simple satin and we can back it in canvas” he said to me many times in the process. But we couldn’t because aside from the fact we couldn’t find the same absolutely perfect pitch of emerald green like this one is, the handle on the upper would never have been the same.

As a result these slides are intrinsically robust enough so as not to require a (shoe making general standard) chemical sheet insert which allows the shape to be relaxed and familiar from the first wear, however I digress. The point is these shoes are statement and they don’t require a heel to announce that fact. Wear them with rigid indigo denim, a kimono and turtle neck this winter and we promise you will feel nothing but lady of the manor on an evening out with Dali.

Our other tips for letting flat shoes be the hero to produce faux-heel feelings include going easy on the other accessories you are wearing and always playing with pant leg proportions. Nothing a quick roll of the cuff can’t fix for adding a little foot drama to your look. Radical Yes!

See the first drop of our new AW18 Collection 'Out in Space' here.

Make Flats Feel Like Heels

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