FULL MOON BLESSING // Wonder Woman Evi-O

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FULL MOON BLESSING // Wonder Woman Evi-O

Evi-O is a Wonder Woman.

Initially drawn to her bold, colourful and totally radical artwork, we soon discovered that the Indonesian born, Sydney based artist is also an accomplished and award winning book designer. Combining our two loves of art and literature, we had to meet the woman behind this amazingly vibrant work.

So we sent regular YES Journal contributor Holly Graham with her camera and keen eye to find out more.

All photos by Holly Graham of Siy Studio.

Radical Yes x Evi O

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Your beautiful artwork ‘The Bull Dreams of the Moon’ is featured in our Full Moon Blessing this month - tell us more about this particular painting, what was the intention / mood behind the work?

I have a few favourite Taurean people in my life - I am also one - and this painting is an ode to them and not so coincidentally a self-portrait. I find we Bulls love to dream and often a romantic, even though we are very shy. Us bulls are also grounded and often very stubborn when we try reaching for something, even though it’s impossible, like say, going to the moon. This painting is a playful sum up of these feelings and characters. The solid, dominant black form, a moon on a burning earth-coloured sky. How would the bull get to the moon?

Radical Yes x Evi O

We understand that your most recent collection of work 'Jungle', references individuals you know or have had chance encounters with - which is your favourite story behind one of your pieces?

I’d probably go with ‘Holiday with the Squid’. This piece is a depiction of a night with a very special, energetic, electric friend, whom I’ve actually met in person only once but felt like we’ve hung out for life. We didn’t quite go on a holiday but Squid visited town one night and we went out on the most fun date, involving the sparkliest footwear. That night I felt transported to a holiday world where it’s all carefree, fun and really bright! The next day, slightly hungover, I got up and painted this piece.

Radical Yes x Evi O

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Speaking of stories - you started your own studio Evi-O recently - a design company working on publication design and art direction - if you could redesign the cover of an existing book - which would you pick? 

Only one? That is tough. I’m going to cheat and will choose to redesign all Haruki Murakami covers as a series, purely because I’m a huge fan. Since the end of 2015, I’ve been on a never-ending Murakami pilgrimage, reading one book after another, enjoying his beautifully strange, magical mind. His tales trigger so much imagination and would be really fun to work on.

Radical Yes x Evi O

And whilst we’re on the topic - which is you ultimate favourite book? Either to read, or that you’ve worked on?

That's a tough question, simply because I have tonnes of favourites. I will have to give you a list, rather than choose one.

Five recent favourites:

  1. Ellsworth Kelly's monograph published by Phaidon is a source of personal inspiration. I think he's the master.
  2. Japaneasy by Tim Anderson, published by Hardie Grant UK, because it was such a fun one to work on, I got to draw godzilla and unicorn eating ramen, and the recipes really made my tummy rrrrrumbles everytime I worked on it. 
  3. Garden by William Dangar, published by Murdoch Books. It's a favourite because the project was done together with the cleverest and nicest people in Sydney. You know who you are! And we're so damn proud of the end result.
  4. Shannon's Kitchen, another one I was lucky to be involved with, it's the most hilarious, delicious cookbook. Seriously, look her up, she's the best. Oh, Shannon also pre-sold all her copies even before the book is launched. You really want to know why.
  5. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It's beautifully written, and serendipitously I met her at Ubud Writer's Festival last year, super starstruck! At the same time, I was working on Megan Morton's book It's Beautiful Here which features Hanya's amazing NYC apartment. Talk about a small world?!

Radical Yes x Evi O

And lastly, what does being radical mean to you?
To me, I think it is to be true to yourself, because each of us is radical in our own ways.

Radical Yes x Evi O

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Radical Yes x Evi O

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