FULL MOON BLESSING JANUARY // Time for Digital Detox

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FULL MOON BLESSING JANUARY // Time for Digital Detox

Instead of spending more of our precious free time tied to our devices during the holidays, its a perfect time to try a temporary digital detox to clear your mind, before having to go back to work or daily routines.

But it's easier said than done!

So the always inspirational team over at The WW Club have put together a Digital Detox Worksheet Pack to help

  • Review your most-used digital tools (and assess the time you’re spending on them).
  • Identify recurring feelings - negative and positive - that result from your digital usage.
  • Plan your 72 hour digital detox - perfect for doing over a long weekend/personal or public holiday.
  • Establish new and healthier habits when the detox is complete.
  • Create a new weekly routine for your digital life.

You can read more and pick up the pack here.

Photos by Agnieszka Chabros. Artwork by Elle Louise Burguez.

Elle Louise Burguez


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