FULL MOON BLESSING // A Radical Guide to Pony Hair

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FULL MOON BLESSING // A Radical Guide to Pony Hair

As with each Full Moon, we like to bring out our favourite toe tappers for a moment of care and love. This month we're looking at our Pony Hair beauties especially; how to protect them, clean them and ensure they live a long life of radical movement. 

1. Protect

When you first bring your Pony Hair toe tappers home, we suggest immediately spraying them with a waterproofing spray designed for leather care. We love and recommend Waproo! Hold the bottle at least six inches from the shoe and ensure a light, even coating that does not leave the hair saturated. 

2. Clean

To rid the hair from any dirt that may have built up, wipe the surface with a warm, damp cloth (make sure to wring it out first). Gently wipe in the same direction as the hairs. 

3. Brush

Using a bristled brush, like the speciality Waproo brushes found here, gently brush the shoe in the direction of the hairs. Be careful not to dislodge any of the hairs in the process. 

4. Spray 

We recommend spraying your shoes again on every Full Moon. This will ensure the coating remains effective, prolonging the lifespan of your favourite shoes. 

Beautiful and soft, Pony Hair (or calf hair) is an exceedingly delicate material that needs a little extra love and attention. Prone to rubbing, we suggest not wearing them while driving so as to protect the heel from wear. 


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