MAKING SURE THE SHOE FITS! The Radical Guide to Fitting.

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MAKING SURE THE SHOE FITS! The Radical Guide to Fitting.

We get it. Shopping for shoes online is not easy!

Especially when the shoes are hand stitched and hand lasted. Finding your perfect size can be tricky, and is further compounded by the fact different materials and different upper patterns behave differently - even when built around the same last. For this reason it is not unusual for our customers to take their usual size in a lace up, but then run up a size in a slip on. Or to change size with our production from one season to the next. 

The pursuit of perfect quality is never ending in our business and we are always looking for ways to improve and better our products. Over the past 6 months we have spent a lot of time tweaking and perfecting our production with our maker including amending our standard sizing to be more in line with a true European cut last. The good news is changes to our last grading has allowed us to finally introduce a Size 35 to our offer, however it has meant our production overall is running slightly smaller this season. 

So how do you find your perfect radical fit? 

You will see we are now including a size chart and custom notes on every product description for each of our styles. We would really encourage you not only to measure your foot and find your perfect size using this chart (bearing in mind it may be a little different to previous seasons), but we would also encourage you to review the production notes for each style based on the materials we have used and the way upper patterns are behaving on the last. These notes are produced with the knowledge we gain through our in-store fit experiences and we hope provide you with further insight into how our shoes are 'generally' fitting. 

The other thing to remember is that your feet are always changing and many women find after having children and the general passing of time, that their feet 'grow'.  This can have as much to do with your arches 'collapsing' and broadening the foot as it does with the effects of wearing sandals all summer and having the feet 'splay'. We are finding ins-tore that the safest bet in these situations is to choose a size up and if necessary add a 2nd insole board for extra comfort. 

Show me the size chart!

As we have now introduced a Size 35 to our sizing grid, our fits have changed slightly to be more inline with true European grading. Based on this we strongly recommend using the chart below to check your size even if you have purchased the same silhouette from us before. 

Radical Yes Sizing Chart

  1. Stand on a ruler and measure your foot in CM (centimetres) from heel to toe.
  2. Find the closest measurement to your size against the chart above making sure your foot is within the stated length
  3. For example if your foot measures 22.2CM we would recommend you take a Size 37
  4. This is a general guide to our fits. If you are still unsure feel free to email us for help before you place your order. 

What else has changed this season?

This season we introduce a further improved update on our outsole's now made using more than 85% pure plant rubber content. Not only is this better for the environment as it is a rubber that will break down more easily in the longer term, but this change also provides marked improvement on comfort and durability. Plant Rubber provides a natural 'spring' and bounce to the step, is highly flexible and hard wearing.

Our outsoles are now also produced as a 'single' piece using an injection mold technique that means that the heel and flat section of the sole are fully joined for heels that never come away from the sole. We have also variegated ('graded') the full length of the outsole to ensure best grip in wet conditions. 

We welcome all your comments on our products as it is through your feed back that we get better at everything we do. Stay radical!


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