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Emma Cleine is a wonder woman.

Radical Yes Emma Cleine

The founder and owner of Lumiere Art & Co, Emma heads up a design collective that hand-make exceptional artworks and textiles.

Lumiere’s style is both relaxed and intricate. Perhaps evidence of the influence of her coastal lifestyle on Melbourne’s Mornington Pennisula, Emma’s pieces range from exquisitely fine lace mandala screen printed works on paper to luxuriously hand dyed bed linen cleverly accented with tassles and bright printed motifs.

For us, aesthetically speaking, it is the unexpected moments of bold colour and playful detailing (hello pom pom velvet printed cushions – YES!) that make Lumiere’s offerings something of a match made in radical heaven.

Splitting her time between her brand new coastal retail space in Sorrento and her treeside studio and home in Hastings and Red Hill respectively, Emma has carved a truly inspiring lifestyle for herself and her young family. 

As we launch our Summer pop up space at the Sorrento store, we caught up with Emma to find out more about her amazingly creative world.

Your work has such a beautiful mix of palette play versus mandala / iconography. Where do you normally begin with your creative process? Does it start with colours or silhouettes?

Design for me starts with process. I become obsessed with a technique and then trial making by playing with samples. I then work out the colours I would like to use and keep trialing until I'm happy with it. I'm not really one to design using a sketchbook or computer. I keep all my ideas stored on my phone and then keep checking references along the way. I think I work like this because I'm so time poor and often work is in different locations, either at home or in the studio or shop. I need to be mobile and grab any moments I can design and make when I can. I have two little boys to chase after in between printing and making samples! 

Radical Yes Lumiere Art & Co.

Tell us more about the beautiful new space! How does the store reflect your work? Any key influences in terms of the styling and interior and also, what is the story behind that amazing House shaped frame?

I found the space on a bit of a whim, which is how I roll! I get an idea and then kind of go for it! The space was very run down when we first signed the lease, my powerhouse of a husband, who also makes and designs for Industria X, came in rescue-style and gave the space a make over. Stripped back and white it was ready for my colourful wares. The steel house was made by Industria X as a hanging rack. I have always loved the shape of the house and had the vision of using it to hang product on. It is a rock star hanging rack. 

Radical Yes Lumiere Art & Co.

How would you say the enviable mix of tree side (Red Hill) and seaside (Sorrento) location influences your work?

It’s all about making work a lifestyle which I have truly created. I love the laid back rural feel of Red Hill with its wineries and primary producers. Sorrento is stunning – its’ buildings tell stories of its early European settlement history and the bay and back beach offer both tranquil and wild swimming experiences. My work is all about lifestyle and experiences and through my everyday comings and goings I hope to make pieces that can be enjoyed anywhere and in most environments. 

Radical Yes Lumiere Art & Co.

Your quick tip, 'must-do's' for visitors to Sorrento. Best coffee, best walk, best sights?

Swim in the Ocean at the Back Beach followed by a walk to the Look Out (I swear you can see Flinders Island on a clear day!), Coffee and Chicken and Mango salad at Stringer's, followed by a browse through Deb's Boutique which has the best fashion direct from Paris. 

Tell us 3 things you always say YES! to…

Champagne, Adventure and Live Music. 

Radical Yes Lumiere Art & Co.



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