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A story of creative collaboration.

Here is how it began. We wanted to introduce some fun Xmas type things to the webstore that were both unique and artisan.

Solution. Call on the talents of radical friend and Wonder Woman ambassador ceramicist Ruby Pilven to create an exclusive series of hand made porcelain rings. YES!

For our latest collaboration Ruby has crafted a series of 3 perfect rings for us drawing on the silhouettes developed from her infamous ‘Elegant Bogan’ series. For the RY collab, the words have been remixed – ‘RADICAL’ and ‘YES’ , suitable monikers of choice for the collab generation…!

For the final piece in the capsule, we asked Ruby, whose gold lustre highlights have become a signature element to her work, to create a third ring matching a reference from our best selling Crazy Rose Metallic Gold Toe Tappers as the swatch jumping point for the palette. Metallic-gold glittery things. We HEART!

But the creativity didn’t stop there! To complete the explosion of super radical ideas, we partnered up with Radical Yes! photographic collaborator Holly Graham from Seven Is Yellow to produce campaign imagery inspired in part by the work of Romanian born, New York based artist and illustrator Saul Steinberg who was famous for his cartoon like painting of faces on hands. Wanting to explore the concept to it’s fullest potential clever Holly took the idea’s we presented a step further, calling on the help of her dear friend, creative Amanda Jones from @thehonestjones to help model the final images you see here.

So yes. We think the results are pretty radical. We love the chain of creativity that has been created along the way, and love that from a tiny idea beautiful things grew.


Meet the Collaborators !

RUBY PILVEN, Ceramicist 

Ruby Pilven is a Ballarat based ceramic artist who creates brilliantly coloured porcelain ceramics. Having grown up with ceramic artists for parents, Ruby has been involved in ceramics from an early age. Ruby studied a double degree in Business (marketing) and Visual Arts (printmaking) at Monash University.

Ruby’s ceramics is unabashed neo-chintz that references contemporary style and culture. It is audacious in its bold yet muted pastel colour patterns, striking in its metallic 12 carat gold highlights and distinctive in its structure and form. There are two sides to Ruby's ceramics: the fun and brightly coloured side and then the intentionally shocking and crude side, which she calls her Elegant Bogan series. Both sides are a reflection of its maker, the elegant bogan.

Ruby wants her ceramics to inject joy into everyday life….making it that little bit more fun.

Collaborating with Radical Yes has been….a rad experience. Working with friendly creatives’ that have the same artistic drive and passion as you makes the process of creating easy and exciting. 

Things I always say 'YES' to are.. chocolate, wine and cheese, dancing, creating, laughing, sharing, and making! 

 Many hands make … a mess :) or an octopus…LOL



Holly Graham, is a photographer, graphic designer and all round story teller, based between the Northern Beaches of Sydney and inner city Melbourne. Holly runs her own creative studio, Seven Is Yellow, working predominantly with small businesses, social enterprises and passionate individuals, sharing their stories through imagery. See more of Holly's work for radical Yes! here.

Collaborating with Radical Yes has been…. Nothing short of RADICAL! This shoot was particularly fun. Finger paint, glitter and cheezels? It was like a childhood birthday party (sans Hungry Jack's sunglasses and pass the parcel)! I have such immense gratitude for the artistic freedom the Rad Yes! team allow me in these collaborations and I look forward to all the creative juiciness to come.

Things I always say 'YES' to are...
Trips back to Melbourne, earl grey tea, EVERYTHING Japanese and of course, collective creative projects!

Many hands make…
 a difference…! But one set is a good place to start.

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