WONDER WOMAN // Holly Graham, Photographer & Radical Yes! Collaborator

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WONDER WOMAN // Holly Graham, Photographer & Radical Yes! Collaborator

Holly Graham is a wonder woman.

Holly is a photographer and graphic designer based between the Northern Beaches of Sydney and inner city Melbourne. Holly runs her own creative studio, Seven is Yellow, working predominantly with small businesses, social enterprises and passionate individuals, sharing their stories through imagery. 

One of the best things about running Radical Yes as an entriely independent project is the opportunities we can create to work with other like-minded individuals who offer their own take on our brand. Holly's style caught our eye via Instagram where we felt an immediate affinity with her almost-romantic and spacious style. Engaging her unique story telling abilities through her impressive photographic work, we first hooked up with Holly for a Spring collaboration look book shoot - the results of which ended up on the pages of the amazing Collective Magazine!

Of her own style Holly explains that “when it comes to selecting what moments to capture and keep alive, I have a love for beautiful light, welcoming spaces and passionate humans.” For our latest High Summer campaign we gave Holly creative carte blanche to interpret our laser cut and tropical print toe tappers using whatever flat lay style she could imagine. The results are summer-light lovely radical spectacular!


Tell us a little about your work, what do you do? Why do you do it?

I like to think of my work as storytelling. I run my own business, Seven Is Yellow, working predominantly with small businesses and passionate individuals, sharing their stories through photography and branding - and what an honour it is! 

I do this work because I love it, it’s as simple as that really. I also get to meet some extraordinary people while I am at it, so that most certainly fuels the love too. 

Tell us about your creative process. Do you have any work rituals or habits you follow?

When designing, I often like to work to music that my client loves. It helps me to tap into their story a little more and in turn produce work that represents who they are and what they do. This is particularly fun when it’s something like Beyonce or Biggie Smalls!

Describe your work environment. Do you work from a studio, office, café or at home? How does the space influence you?

Well, I move around a lot so I work wherever is accessible at the time (quite often an airport or airplane) but I have a home studio in Sydney that I do a lot of my product based photography, editing and design work from. My partner and I live in a really lovely part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, in a beautiful apartment with a whole posse of creative likeminded neighbours - half of whom also work from home, which is nice for idea bouncing and tea breaks. It seems like such a luxury when I am back home these days, I love my little workspace by the seaside. 

I definitely believe that my work changes somewhat dependent on the space in which I am doing it. Sometimes this has to do with the energy within the space itself or the people and things that fill it. My humble little studio is filled with plants, books and art that inspires me and this most certainly influences my work. 

What is one thing in your life you are proud of? This can be anything, professional or personal.

I feel proud and absolutely privileged to be doing what I love, everyday. I am also proud of the fact that I don’t take it for granted. It is so important to acknowledge how fortunate we are to live in a society that offers us platforms to grow and freedom to share our stories - I’m immensely proud of that. 

What does being ‘radical’ mean to you?

It means being bold and brave. Radical is a strong word, it connotes courage and all kinds of cool.

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