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Georgie Boy is a very special floral studio, run by the talented Gina Lasker. A Sydney born florist, who grew up in USA and Canada, these days Gina has her feet firmly planted in Melbourne soil. Her stunning floral arrangements and large-scale installations, are inspired by seasonal blooms and botanicals gathered from the vast Victorian landscape.

It was Gina’s authentic ode to the natural world, which first drew us to Georgie Boy. We called on her talents to style our vibrant photo shoot for our new Vegan capsule collection. Her incredible eye for detail and considered compositions of floral textures and aromas truly brought our Vegan range to life. 

We sat down with Gina after the shoot to chat about the process behind her earthy styling and her love of edible flowers.

Tell us a little bit about Georgie Boy. What sets you apart and how would you describe your signature style?

Georgie Boy started from my sometimes embarrassingly deep love of everything the botanical world has to offer. That includes the truly inspiring people that are involved in the industry. 

The Georgie Boy style is very much influenced by the nature that surrounds me. I make a conscious effort to immerse myself in it, with a trip outside of the city at least once a week. There is a certain clarity and catharsis that I feel when I'm in the country that is unlike any other experience. I feel an odd mixture of calmness and giddy-with-joy. 

The shoot with the Radical Yes! Vegan range featured some beautiful edible flowers. What are some of your favourites to work with and why?

I absolutely love nasturtium. It grows as this kind of floating, creeping flowering plant. It’s incredible on mass or individually, for it's lily pad looking leaves and vibrant, trumpeting flowers. Both are edible but the leaves are my favourite for its slightly peppery flavour.

How did the new range guide you in your floral styling for the shoot?

The great thing about this new vegan range, apart from being environmentally conscious, is the variety of styles and colours. I really love a bold contrast so I wanted to bring that into the shoot and allow the shoes and the flowers to be highlighted against each other.

Describe what else is inspiring you right now.

Spring! I live in an area with a community full of people who show their gardens a tremendous amount of love. The roses have just come out and the oak trees are full again - life is good. 

What other big projects do you have on the horizon?

I have been waiting patiently to get into this year’s wedding season and it's finally here. I have a few really beautiful events to bring into fruition. This is really what I love most about my job.



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