RADICAL YES! BEHIND THE SCENES // Product Developer Sofia Lundqvist

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RADICAL YES! BEHIND THE SCENES // Product Developer Sofia Lundqvist

Radical Yes! is blessed to be supported by a small but unbelievably radical team. Sofia joined us in February of this year (taking our tiny team from 2 to 3 members) but bought with her an army of design knowledge. Sofia, who is originally from Sweden, is an international fashion aficionado. Her breadth of knowledge on brands and the intersection between fashion and art is beyond impressive as is her understanding of the way catwalk trends influence the street and the way people dress. 

Sofia is also an epic collector of amazing fashion pieces, in particular denim. With this in mind, and with a considerable lend of her own wardrobe (amazing right!), we gave Sofia Carte blanche to style our latest shoot with new Radical Yes! Collaborator photographer Holly Graham. Whilst we were at it we asked Sofia to talk us through the latest Radical Yes! Range that she helped design and direct. 


Tell us your top 3 picks from the new collection and why they are your favourites
My favourites are the slides - Hasten Slowly, both in the Navy Embossed Suede and the Quilted Jersey. Perfect look for spring, to wear with your relaxed denims, cropped or rolled, or a dressier full-length wide leg or culottes.

Other favourites are our toe cap shoes - Magic Happens, especially in the Milk/Black. I like to wear these with a wide skirt or full longline dress.  I like the more masculine, smart, menswear feeling about them. I mix it up with something softer. Contrasts in textures and looks are important. 

The Wonder Glove is another beauty, my favourite the Milk Embossed Snake . All white outfits feel so refreshing at the moment, especially now when we get to enjoy the sun more often. These toe tappers are perfect for it!  But of course these are as amazing with a relaxed denim or maybe a cut off / cropped flare ale Mia Wallace (Uma) in Pulp fiction. 


Tell us your Top 3 designer / inspiration influences - can be anyone, anywhere or anything.

It is hard for me to just mention three. I’m not really a brand horse. The look of the clothing and the creative expression matters most to me. I find mixing different designers / brands creates the most interesting looks. However, the two schools of design that have influenced me the most are:

Japan; brands like Comme Des Garcons, Arts and Science and Yohji Yamamoto. I have always loved how they create highly personal looks by mixing a very serious approach to fashion as a concept but then make it interesting with playful attitude to cuts, patterns and materials.

Belgium; Designers like Margiela, Simons and Vetements. I don’t like it when brands become too much about luxury. What the Antwerp school has brought to fashion is a very raw 'do it yourself' sensibility that I love. No ostentatious branding or detailing. Just beautiful products with a true sense of personality and integrity.

Styling is personal, it gives us an opportunity to show who we are.  

You have worked as a stylist as well as a Product Developer in Europe as well as Australia. Tell us about the best fashion work experience you have ever had.

I have been very fortunate to travel a lot in life. I have also lived and worked in different countries and continents. And I think just that, to be able to see and take part of different cultures, get new impressions and meeting people with different backgrounds and points of views has been the best experience. Aesthetics and fashion is a big part of my life, I love it and I need it. It has taking me a long time to accept that given the somewhat superficial nature of the subject:) However there are a lot of other very important things for me, in particular my two amazing daughters and my forever-inspiring husband.

Brand Director and Founder, Kerryn Moscicki talking toe tappers with Wonder Woman Sofia at the Radical Yes! studio in Brunswick. Amazing floral installation by Gina from Georgie Boy Flowers. 

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