5 Flat Shoes To Wear To Christmas Parties

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5 Flat Shoes To Wear To Christmas Parties

Written by E.D. Willmett.

It’s the holiday that we stretch across multiple weeks, with endless enthusiasm, as if it were our very own birthday *a moment of silence for the Capricorns*

Between Christmas and welcoming a New Year we get to celebrate via a string of parties that weave through friends, work and family into a series of extended summer evenings. 

The most treasurable element of this season is undoubtably the community happenings. We take a moment to be with one another, cultivate generosity and reignite the flint of hope that burns for an unlikely scene from ‘Love Actually’ to transpire. 

However, I am highly aware of, and have been a victim to, the madness that occurs at this time. Choosing to balance frantic energy in the holiday season by being grounded is Radical, yes!

In order to thrive in the late setting sun, hot tram rides and dance opportunities, we present: 5 flat shoes to wear to Christmas parties. 

The “Yes, I wore these to work today” slip on.

Have you heard the term “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? It’s relatable to my affection for the ‘Little & Often’ in Lilac. “If I feel liberated in my shoes at work, don’t let them miss the party”.

The “We’re doing an activity for our party” slide.

Suitable for lawn bowls, houses with pools, park venues and squashing grapes to make wine. A key element of enjoying a party with adventurous colleagues is to wear footwear to match. Our nylon (liquid friendly) pool slides are here.


The “I know, they look like presents” shoe.

If you’ve been asked to wear something festive double this ‘dharma with tassel’ as ‘gift with ribbon’. Add some tinsel to your earrings and you’ll be decorated head-to-toe!

The “afternoon in the sun” sandal.

The unexpected soft leather straps of these squishy sole sandals are perfect getting some sun. That wasn’t supposed to be a tongue twister but I’m impressed that it is, so it can stay. 

The “I’m still tall” wedge.

Our 'Rise' velcro wedge is for those who want to maintain their height whilst simultaneously elevating perceptions of their ‘out of office’ style. They’re also vegan, host playful velcro straps and are the first flat-form to be made at Radical Yes.

Have a love-filled season, keeping balanced and being close to the earth. 

E.D. Willmett


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